Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

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Getting Started with ILT Courses

Instructor-Led Training (ILT) courses are offered via Zoom for both new and experienced users.

  1. Participation in an ILT course requires registration through UTLearn unless otherwise indicated. Registration links for UTLearn are provided with the course descriptions and in the calendar entries for each scheduled course.
  2. Completing the Workday Fundamentals self-paced course is a prerequisite to registering for any Workday ILT courses. See the Getting Started section of the Workday Fundamentals page for details and role requirements. You must take and pass the Comprehensive Learning Review to receive credit for the course.
  3. Each Workday ILT course has specific security role requirements. See the Role Requirements section below for details.

If you have questions about any of the ILT courses, contact

For a current schedule, view the Upcoming Instructor-Led Training (ILT) events list.

Role Requirements for Workday Courses

Each Workday course listed below has specific security role requirements. You MUST hold one of the Workday Security Roles listed for each course PRIOR to registering for Workday courses.

How can I find out what Security Roles I hold in Workday?

In order to determine the Workday roles you hold, enter "My Supporting Roles" in the Workday search bar, select Enter, and Workday will return a list of roles. 

What do I do if I don't hold one of the necessary Security Roles for a particular course?

If you do not currently hold one of the necessary Security Roles to enroll in a particular course, please contact your manager and your unit's Workday Security Partner to inquire how roles are assigned in your unit.  

Who is my unit's Workday Security Partner? 

The name of your unit's Workday Security Partner can be found on your Worker Profile page in Workday. Select Jobs in the left-hand navigation menu and Supporting Roles from the resulting tab at the top of the page.  Scroll down to locate your Security Partner's name.

ILT Courses

Workday Hire & Onboarding ILT

This Workday course is designed as an introductory class for anyone who initiates hires and manages onboarding for new workers at UT.

Workday Changes During Employment ILT

This Workday course is designed for users in HR roles that initiate or approve changes to workers during their employment.

Workday Multiple Jobs & Additional Work ILT (2-part class)

This Workday course is designed for users in HR roles those who work with employees who hold multiple jobs and employees who require additional compensation due to additional work.

Workday Nonemployee & Contingent Worker ILT

This Workday course is designed for users in HR roles who hire and manage nonemployees.

Workday Recruiting ILT (2-part class)

This course teaches Workday’s recruiting processes related to job requisitions and candidate management.

Workday Costing (Basics) ILT

This course provides foundational information for understanding the role of Cost Center Manager (CCM) in Workday. (Costing Series Course 1)

Workday Costing (Advanced) ILT

This class builds upon the information from the Basics course by introducing additional concepts including how Workday and DEFINE intersect. (Costing Series Course 2)

Workday Job Costing Tool ILT

This course teaches Cost Center Managers how to effectively use the Job Costing Tool (JCT). Some HR roles may find this course helpful. (Costing Series Course 3)

Workday Costing Approval ILT

This course is teaches Cost Center Managers and approvers what to look for when approving Business Processes initiated by HR roles. (Costing Series Course 4)