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This page contains links to self-service training, guidance, and other resources for all UT Employees, including Student Workers and Faculty.

Are you a New Employee?

If you're a new employee, check out the New Employees page for help getting started.

Are you a Manager?

Managers can find self-service resources on the Managers Resources page.

Job Search in Workday

Workday Mobile App

Interested in using the Workday Mobile app? Visit the Workday Mobile App Setup page for more information and links to step-by-step instructions.

Self-Service Training and Guidance

Key:  WIG - Workday Instructional Guide    WPO - Workday Process Overview

Time Entry (Timesheets)

Find more time entry information on the Timesheet Guidance and FAQs page.

Workday Fall 2022 Time Entry Changes

The following resources are available to assist employees with the transition to the My Time and Absence App. For more information, continue reading Transitioning to the My Time and Absence App.


Overview of entering time on timesheets and related terminology.

Este resumen acerca del Proceso de Workday describe consejos, trucos, claves y campos requeridos que necesitas para ingresar la hora en Workday.

Exempt Employee (not eligible for overtime)

Steps to enter time on one’s Workday timesheet. 

Los empleados exentos ingresan las horas totales trabajadas en su hoja de Workday. Usa este procedimiento para ingresar las horas totales trabajadas cada día para una semana laboral (si eres un empleado exento). Las ausencias también se pueden registrar en la página de Ingresa la hora. Iniciador(es):Empleado individual

Steps to enter time if one has multiple jobs in Workday when the Primary job is Exempt.

Steps to correct one’s reported time. 

Non-Exempt Employee (eligible for overtime)

Steps to enter time on one’s Workday timesheet.

Ingresa la hora de entrada y de salida para registrar las horas trabajadas si eres un empleado no exento. Las ausencias también se pueden registrar en la página de Ingresa la hora. Iniciador (es): Empleado individual

Steps to enter time if one has multiple jobs in Workday when the Primary job is Non-Exempt.

Part-Time Workers

Overview and guide for holiday and non-holiday time entry for part-time, benefits eligible employees.

Shift Differential & On-Call Pay

Overview of how Shift Differential Pay and On-Call Pay are managed in Workday.



Overview of Absences in Workday including differences between Time Off absences and Leaves of Absence.  Covers using Request Absence functionality for both types of absences and how to return an employee from a Leave of Absence.

Request Absence

Steps to request an absence in Workday using Time Off (not Leave of Absence).

Steps to request an FMLA absence in Workday using Time Off (not Leave of Absence).

Steps to correct or cancel  previously submitted Time Off.

Faculty Sick Leave Reporting

Like all regular UT employees, benefits-eligible faculty members earn sick leave entitlement beginning on the first date of their payroll appointment period at the university. In Workday, eligible faculty will electronically report any leave that is taken. Faculty are not required to report time worked. In Workday, Certain security roles have the ability to initiate leave taken on behalf of a faculty member. Check with your department to learn when and how this may occur in your unit. If you have questions about Academic HR Policy, contact Academic Personnel Services (evpp-aps@utexas.edu) for assistance.

View Employee Benefits


New Employee Onboarding

Steps for Employees to complete onboarding Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 Section 1.

View/Update Personal Information in Workday

Steps to add or update personal data including contact information including work/home contact information, emergency contacts, profile photo, legal and preferred name, gender, date of birth, race/ethnicity, citizenship status, pronouns, military service, veteran status, disability self-identification status, information in UT directory, and campus mail code.

Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA)

Information to assist employees with requesting and managing their FWA(s) in Workday. For more information, visit the Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA) page on the HR website.

Performance Appraisals

Visit the Performance Appraisals training page for additional training materials for managers and HR pros. For information on performance appraisal policy, procedures, and best practices, please see the HR Performance Appraisals page. 

Video demonstration of the process in Workday that employees will use to complete their performance appraisal. Note: The video references a final Manager Acknowledgement step.  That step has been removed.

Overview of the performance appraisal process for HR Roles, Managers, and Employees.

Steps for employees to complete the Self Evaluation step of the process for the Comprehensive Annual Review template.

Steps for employees to complete the Self Evaluation step for the Condensed Annual Review template.

Additional Resources for Student Workers

The self-service resources listed on this page are intended to supplement information found on the following websites. We encourage Student Workers to check with their hiring department for any specific policies or procedures they need to follow.

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