EID Related Services

If you need help with your UT EID, Password, or Duo, contact the ITS Service Desk at 512-475-9400 or help@utexas.edu.

EID Merges

When an individual (student, staff, former student, former staff, etc.) attempts to merge two EIDs using the UT EID Self-Service Tools by selecting Combine My UT EIDs, or if an authorized UT EID Administrator attempts to merge EIDs on behalf of the individual, a Workday error may be triggered that advises the user to contact Workday Operational Support for assistance. When that happens, you should Contact askUS Support for assistance.

The error occurs when one of the EIDs being merged exists in Workday, but is not being selected as the preferred/primary EID for the merge. Using the EID that is in Workday as the preferred/primary EID is the recommended solution for the error. If the error still occurs, askUS Support will need to analyze and resolve the cause of the error before the EIDs can be merged successfully.


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Search the askUS Knowledge Base

The askUS Knowledge Base is a searchable FAQ (frequently asked questions) about university-wide systems and processes—including Workday. The askUS knowledge base is the best place to start when you have a question about how to use Workday. Answers in this regularly updated repository often include links to relevant training materials or other resources.