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Materials on the business processes related to recruiting and candidate management. 

Key:  WIG - Workday Instructional Guide    WPO - Workday Process Overview

Related Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

Workday Recruiting ILT – This course teaches Workday’s recruiting processes related to job requisitions and candidate management.

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What do the parentheses after a candidate's name tell me?

Troubleshooting tip: If you're a recruiter, what does (Prior Worker), (Internal), (Contingent Worker), or nothing next to a candidate's name mean? You may be able to determine if a person has an EID or if the duplicate records were properly handled. Watch Now! (1:44)

How can I create an Offer Letter in Workday?

Thumbnail image for the video How can I create an Offer Letter in Workday?Offer Letters can be generated for candidates in job requisitions within Workday, including signature management through a built-in connection to DocuSign. This video provides an overview of how to generate and update an offer letter within Workday. Watch Now! (2:34)


Recruiting - WPO

Key concepts, process definitions, recruiting role descriptions, and business processes involved within Recruiting and Candidate Management.

Evergreen Requisition Overview - WPO

Key concepts, definitions, tricks, and summary of actions required.

Job Requisition

Create Job Requisition and Post Job - WIG

Steps for creating a competitive search job requisition plus the process to post (“advertise”) a job.

Edit Job Requisition - WIG

Steps to correct or update the details of the original job requisition.

Unpost Jobs -WIG

Steps to unpost (take down the “advertisement”) a job.

Create and Manage Questionnaires - WIG

Steps to create and manage secondary (optional) questionnaires to attach to a job requisition.

Candidate Management

Candidate Management - WIG

Comprehensive instructions to move a candidate through the recruiting stages with appendices on declining candidates, uploading application materials, reinitiate a business process after canceling/rescinding, and a Troubleshooting guide.

Candidate Communication - WIG

Steps to sending various messages to candidates.

Apply for Job

Find and Apply for a Job (for Current UT Employees) - WIG

Instructions for all UT workers applying for jobs.

Evergreen Job Requisition

Recruiting from Evergreen Requisition - WIGs

Steps for completing evergreen requisition process from beginning to end.

Edit Evergreen Requisition - WIG

Steps to correct or update the details of the original evergreen requisition.

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