Performance Appraisal Mass Transaction Process

Submission Window for 2024

The submission window for the Performance Appraisal process will run from Monday, June 24 – Friday, July 12, 2024, at 5:00 p.m.

This is a firm deadline. Any spreadsheets submitted after 5:00 p.m. on this date will not be processed centrally and will need to be managed individually by CSUs.

Spreadsheet data will be loaded into Workday as submissions are received.


This process uploads Performance Rating and Completion Dates into Workday for those CSUs that did not complete performance appraisals in Workday.

The Performance Appraisal Mass Transaction Process does not include document upload functionality. If you want to upload performance-related documents to Workday, use the Review Template named Annual Performance Appraisal (Document Attachment Only) in Workday.

DataAccepted Values
Performance RatingDoes Not Meet Expectations

Does Not Meet Some Expectations

Meets Expectations

Exceeds Some Expectations

Exceeds Expectations
Appraisal Completion DateDate employee and manager sign appraisal
Performance Appraisal Date RangeStart and end date of CSU appraisal period


What to do BEFORE submitting the Performance Appraisal Mass Transaction spreadsheet for processing.

  • Run the Performance Appraisal Load - RPT0935 report in Workday for the appropriate Supervisory Organization. Use prompts to narrow results as needed.
    • The Appraisal End Date prompt will determine the total number of days at that point in time, which indicates whether a Performance Appraisal is required.
  • Export the report to Excel (using the excel icon next to the report title
    • Enter Performance Review Rating.  The acceptable values are:
      • Does Not Meet Expectations
      • Does Not Meet Some Expectations
      • Meets Expectations
      • Exceeds Some Expectations
      • Exceeds Expectations
    • Enter the Review Completion Date.
  • Do not remove columns that are included in the report.
  • Do not change the order of the columns that are included in the report.


Approval Process via DocuSign

CSU-initiated mass processes now require the submission of an approval form via DocuSign. We are requiring this additional step to improve our compliance with internal audit findings regarding the approval of mass processing requests.


How to submit your spreadsheet for processing

  • All completed spreadsheets should be loaded to your CSU Mass Processes - <CSU Name> - Performance folder in UTBOX by an HR Executive. If you have questions about UTBOX folder access, contact  
  • Files should be named with <CSU><DATE>_Performance Appraisal Load RPT0935<anything additional>.xlsx
    • Example: ENGR_20200501_Performance Appraisal Load RPT0935.xlsx
  • After the ratings are uploaded into Workday, a member of eBITS will notify the CSU submitter and move the submission file and a results file to the Archive folder.

Note: If an employee is receiving appraisals for more than one position prior to the upload, the start date of each additional appraisal will be moved to one day later as multiple appraisals cannot be uploaded with the same start date for all of them.


Schedule and Important Dates

Submission Window StartSubmission Window EndData Load DateError Reports and Notifications provided to CSUs
June 24July 12 at 5 p.m.As submissions are receivedUpon completion of the data load to Workday.


Policy Information

Information on Performance Appraisal Policy is available on the Human Resource website.  Contact Strategic Workforce Solutions at or call 512-475-7200 to take advantage of services designed to help you conduct effective performance appraisals.