Mass Transaction Submission System (MTSS)


The Mass Transaction Submission System (MTSS) provides the ability to perform mass Hires and Add Additional Jobs through an interface outside of Workday at any time of the year. This system is an alternative to processing student Hires and Add Jobs manually within Workday.

Colleges, schools, and units can use this self-service tool to upload a batch of jobs using a spreadsheet template, submit the job batch for signer+1 approval, and send the jobs to Workday where they will be automatically completed (except when an I-9 Section 3 is needed on a rehire).

Basic Requirements

  • Security: Users must have the HR Partner or HR Executive role in Workday in order to access MTSS.
  • Workflow: At least one HR Partner and one HR Executive in the same CSU are available for signer +1 review.
  • Software: Microsoft Excel. One of the following web browsers: Chrome; Firefox; Safari.


1. Before You Start

  • All required background checks must be completed in the Background Check Administration system (BCA) before initiating any hires or add jobs in MTSS.  For guidance, review the How to Request a Background Check page on the HR website.
  • Follow the Supervisor’s Checklist for Hiring a Student Employee.
  • Creator and Approver should support all of the supervisory organizations that are on a batch.
  • Ensure that NONE of the jobs meet the criteria for using Change Job instead of Add Job according to the Student Business Process Matrix. If the job should be processed using Change Job, then do not use MTSS to process that job.
  • Be prepared to coordinate onboarding for any worker whose only current job in Workday is a Volunteer or other nonemployee title. See Onboarding Nonemployees, I-9s, and Additional Jobs in the askUS knowledge base.
  • Note that Switch Primary Job will trigger when adding a job to a worker with a primary job in the Nonemployee Job Family Group. The Switch Primary Job will route to the HR Partners who support the supervisory organization of the Add Job. This is different than processing the same Add Job directly in Workday, which would result in the Switch Primary Job routing to the Initiator of the Add Job.
  • Be aware that MTSS will allow student employees to go over 100% FTE across all of their jobs (same as Workday).

2. Log in to MTSS

Log in to MTSS

3. Check your MTSS Inbox

The Inbox is the landing page when you sign in to MTSS. It shows a list of batches that you created (but not completed) and batches that are awaiting your approval. You can also click on Inbox in the navigation menu in MTSS to go to your Inbox from another MTSS page.

4. Populate the MTSS Student Hire/Add Job Batch Template (Excel spreadsheet)

  1. Download and Populate the MTSS Student Hire/Add Job Batch Template (Excel spreadsheet). This Excel spreadsheet template contains all of the fields necessary for MTSS to complete a Hire or Add Additional Job in Workday. Fill out one row for every student position, and MTSS will automatically determine if the job should be a new Hire, Rehire, or Add Additional Job. All fields are required unless otherwise indicated.
  2. Select Batch Templates in the navigation menu
  3. Select Download Student Hire/Add Job Batch Template Excel spreadsheet. 
  4. Populate the Student Hire/Add Job Batch Template Excel spreadsheet with at least 5 rows of jobs and up to 100 rows of jobs. Do not insert columns, delete columns, or change the column headers.
  5. Follow the guidance below for accepted values on the Student Hire/Add Job Batch Template Excel spreadsheet.
 ColumnAccepted Values
AEIDMust be a valid EID in the Office of the Registrar’s student system. The student must also have a valid grade level/classification (freshman, sophomore, junior, etc.).
BPosition Start Date (mm/dd/yyyy)Must be no EARLIER than 21 days from today and no later than 60 days from today.  Beginning and end date guidance is obtained by using the HR Date Checker Tool.
CEnd Employment Date (mm/dd/yyyy)Must be no LATER than 1 year from the position start date.
DEmployee Type

Select the appropriate Employee Type using the drop down menu in the cell. Users must assess the student’s benefits eligibility before assigning an Employee Type.

  • Regular Non-Benefits Eligible (Fixed Term)
  • Regular Benefits Eligible - Graduate Student Academic (Fixed Term)

Student benefit eligibility guidance can be found on the HR Student Employee Insurance Benefits web page.

ESupervisory Organization IDMust be active on the position start date. MTSS does not validate that a user supports the job’s supervisory organization. Note: The format of the Supervisory Organization ID is SO_[number]. Example: SO_00123. For help finding the Supervisory Organization ID, refer to the Find the Organization ID for a Supervisory Organization instructions in the askUS knowledge base.
FJob Profile IDAny job profile in the Student job family group is eligible, with the exception of Work-Study, Non-UT Student Titles, and U0073 and G0073. Note: Job profiles will begin with U, G, or P. Examples: G0090, U0074, or P0077. Job Profile IDs can be found on the HR Student Academic Employment and Student Non-Academic Employment web pages.
GTitle for directory and timesheets (optional)If entered on the batch template, the title will override the default Workday Job Title and Position Title. Otherwise, the default job profile title will be used for both fields.
HScheduled Weekly HoursMust be greater than 0 and less than or equal to 40.
IPayment Frequency (H/M/A)H: hourly, M: monthly (TAs/AIs), A: annual (GRAs)
JHourly or Full-Time RateThe amount must be greater than the minimum amount for that compensation grade profile. Enter the non-prorated amount. The minimum and maximum amounts can be found on the HR Student Employee Compensation web page.
KCosting Allocation Cost CenterCost Center must be active as of the position start date. The system allows for one costing allocation interval with one cost center at 100% distribution. MTSS will automatically create a matching funded by account (FB) for the position’s organization assignments. Note: The format for Costing Allocation Cost Centers is AC[number]. Example: AC0123456789.
LCosting Allocation End DateOnly required for accounts with a funding end date. If a costing allocation end date is entered, whether required or not, the system will automatically assign an additional, subsequent, open-ended costing allocation interval using the supervisory organization’s default cost center. A matching funded by account (FB) for the default cost center will also be created and applied to the position’s organization assignments.
MComments (optional)If entered on the batch template, comments will appear on the business process event in Workday (see Worker History). In addition, MTSS will automatically post a comment with the batch id, creator name and eid and approver name and EID.
Tips for Populating the Hire/Add Job Batch Template
  • Filter on each column to review your data. 
  • Check start and end dates for accurate semesters and years. 
  • Ensure that the overall benefits eligibility is correct given the job profile and scheduled weekly hours.
  • Ensure that the rate for GRAs is for annual salaries, that the TA/AIs is a monthly salary and all other student profiles use hourly rates.
  • Double-check cost centers for accuracy.

5. Create a New Student Hire/Add Job Batch 

Once the template is filled out, create a new MTSS batch and upload your populated batch template.  

  1. Click Create Batch > Student Hire/Add Job.
  2. Enter a Summary (Free form text used to describe the batch for reference in MTSS). 
  3. Check the Department – The MTSS department is automatically selected for you, based on the dean/VP level superior supervisory organization for your Workday HR Partner or HR Executive security role(s). If you support multiple MTSS departments, use the dropdown menu to select the correct one.
  4. Approver EID – Designate an HR Partner or HR Executive as the batch approver. If the batch creator is an HR Partner, the batch approver must hold an HR Executive role in your MTSS department. If the batch creator is an HR Executive, the batch approver must be an HR Partner. All approvals are recorded in MTSS, there are no approval steps in Workday for jobs submitted through MTSS.
  5. Auto Launch Onboarding Setup Selection
  • No – The Onboarding Setup step in the Hire business process will route to the I-9 Partners who support the supervisory organizations for the jobs on the batch.
  • Yes – The Onboarding Setup step will be automatically completed, and all onboarding tasks will route to the student employee’s Workday Inbox.
  1. Select Excel Spreadsheet – Click Browse to select the .xlsx file to upload. 
  2. Click Create and Validate to create the batch.

6. Take an Action on a Batch

After creating a batch of jobs, then the batch page appears. Note the unique batch ID that is associated with the batch.

  • Validate (check for errors) – MTSS automatically analyzes batches for errors upon creation of the batch. Both the batch creator and approver can validate the batch at any time prior to sending to Workday. If a student has multiple jobs on a batch, and one of them fails validation, then MTSS will not process any jobs for that student.
    • Validation Tips
      • Before submitting for approval or to Workday, review the sup org names to verify that you support those supervisory organizations.
      • Review transactions that will not be processed due to validation error(s).
      • The Excel batch spreadsheet rows match the numbers listed in the MTSS Row column.  Since the Excel spreadsheet begins with a header row (row 1), the MTSS Row column begins numbering at 2, not 1.
      • Validate the batch before submitting it for approval in case something changed between submitting for approval.
  • Submit for Approval – Select this option when the batch creator is ready to route the batch to the approver. Approver will receive an email notification.
  • Send to Workday – Select this option when the batch approver is ready to approve the batch and send it to Workday. This is the final action that completes the batch process in MTSS. No other actions can be taken on the batch. Creator will receive an email notification.
  • Reupload Spreadsheet – Use this action to re-upload and re-validate the batch after correcting issues identified in the validation.
  • Delete Batch – Use this action when you want to start over from scratch.
  • Recall from Approver – Approver will receive an email notification.
  • Return to Creator – Creator will receive an email notification.

7. Review the Results

Once Workday receives a batch from MTSS, the business process for each job will fully complete (except when an I-9 Section 3 is needed on a rehire). The batch page in MTSS then displays a final report of what was processed and not processed in Workday.

  1. Check the MTSS batch page to ensure that what you expected to be processed matches what was processed. You can click the Download Batch button to get a spreadsheet with three tabs: Original (what you had originally submitted); Processed (what Workday processed); Not Processed (what Workday did not process).
  2. Use existing Workday reports to review Hires and Add Additional Jobs created by the batch.
  3. Continue to monitor Student Eligibility Reports. For more information refer to the Student Eligibility Reports instructions in the askUS knowledge base.

8. My Reports (optional)

Click the My Reports in the MTSS navigation menu to access the following reports

  • Batches I Created
  • Batches I Sent to Workday
  • Departmental Batches (all batches that exist in your MTSS department including batches that you did not create or send to Workday as well as deleted and completed batches)

MTSS Authorization and Workday Roles

Users who have an HR Partner or HR Executive role in Workday are automatically granted entry to the Mass Transaction Submission System, however, MTSS does not use Workday security to determine user access to batches or supervisory organizations. Instead, MTSS uses Workday roles to assign users and batches to an MTSS department at the Dean/VP level. Any HR Partner or HR Executive who supports a supervisory organization within the Dean/VP level department (at any level in the sup org hierarchy or in any unit) may create, view, or delete batches for that MTSS department. Examples of MTSS departments are COFA, ENGR, NASC, VPSA, VPEC, and DDCE. MTSS does not validate that a user supports the proposed job’s supervisory organization.

Example: User A is an HR Partner who supports Recreational Sports. User B is an HR Partner who supports University Housing and Dining. In MTSS, both users will be authorized for department VPSA, the Dean/VP level department, and all batches created by them will be assigned to VPSA. Any user authorized for VPSA will be able to create, view or delete VPSA batches. The job supervisory organization IDs on the batches are not validated against the department, and any Workday sup org may be entered.

Common Reasons Why Mass Transaction Submission System will NOT process a Hire or Add Additional Job

  • Incorrect Data on Submitted Spreadsheet – Any jobs that do not follow the data input rules will cause an error in processing (See Overview).
  • In Progress Transaction(s) - Any workers who have in-progress Hire, Switch Primary Job or Termination  transactions in Workday. 
  • Rehire with Multiple Jobs in One Batch  - If a worker is being rehired and will require an I-9 Section 3 update, only the rehire will successfully process due to Hire business process in progress.  The I-9 Section 3 must be completed before processing the additional jobs.

Derived (Calculated) Information

MTSS will automatically calculate the following information based on the data entered on the batch template. 

Hire or Add Additional JobMTSS automatically determines whether each transaction should be a Hire or Add Additional Job business process in Workday. For students with multiple jobs in one batch, MTSS selects the job with the earliest start date to be the primary job (if the student is not currently an active employee). All subsequent additional jobs will be loaded in start date order.  All business processes will automatically complete in Workday, with the exception of rehires who are required to complete I-9 Section 3. Those Hire events will remain in progress until the I-9 Section 3 is completed. Then the Hire event will autocomplete.
Workday Future/In-Progress EventsStudents who have a future or in-progress Hire or Termination in Workday will receive validation (error) messages for all jobs with that EID and cannot be processed in MTSS until transactions are complete.
Background CheckIf a background check is needed, it must be completed in the Background Check Administration (BCA) system prior to uploading the student’s job to MTSS. MTSS will return an error for US citizens and permanent residents without an authorized background check. MTSS will allow hires and add additional jobs for students who have an authorized background check which has not yet completed.
Student Name & EmailStudent legal name, preferred name, and email are obtained from the Office of the Registrar’s student system (for new hires only).
Student SSNThe student’s Social Security Number is obtained from the Background Check Administration system (for new hires only). All students must have an SSN in BCA in order to be processed, with the exception of international students. International student hires with no SSN will skip the Government ID step and will be reviewed by the Payroll Office after the hire completes.
Current Workday StatusThe student must not be a current contingent worker or academic affiliate in Workday.
Position Organizations – Default Cost CenterThe system will automatically assign the supervisory organization’s default cost center (AC) to the position’s organization assignment default cost center (AC).
Position Organizations – Incidental AccountThe system will automatically assign the supervisory organization’s incidental account (INCD) to the position’s organization assignment incidental account.
Position Organizations – Funded ByThe system will automatically assign the costing allocation account number to the position’s organization assignment funded by account (FB).
LocationDefaults to the supervisory organization’s default location.
Student EligibilityStudent eligibility, other than grade level and scheduled weekly hours for international students, will not be checked in MTSS. Departments should monitor student eligibility via the Workday SEE batch reports.