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Changes During Employment

Documentation for Workday processes related to changes during employment.

Key:  WIG - Workday Instructional Guide    WPO - Workday Process Overview

Related Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

Workday Changes During Employment ILT – This Workday course is designed for users in HR roles that initiate or approve changes to workers during their employment.

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Change Job - WPO

Overview of the Change Job business process which is initiated using Start Job Change or Request Transfer. Includes a detailed list of Starting Points (Reasons) to help you choose.

Start Job Change - WIG

Steps to complete Start Job Change which is used to modify a worker’s job.

Propose Compensation Change - WIG

Steps to change compensation at the Propose Compensation Change step of the Change Job business process.

Manage Business Processes for Worker – WPO

Provides guidance for the task Manage Business Process for Worker task. This task applies when an employee experiences a Change Job or a contingent worker’s contract ends. Any outstanding inbox items for that worker need to be dispositioned.

Request Transfer - WIG

Steps to request a transfer for a worker who is currently in an organization that you do not support. This process uses the Change Job business process.

Edit Position Restrictions - WIG

Steps to update attributes of a position in a Position Management (PM) organization. Attributes include job profile and position qualifications.

Reclassification - WIG

Steps to change a staff employee’s job profile as part of the reclassification process. Only applicable to employees in position management (PM) supervisory organizations.

Add Permanent Additional Duties - WIG

Steps to increase base pay due to Permanent Additional Duties.

View Competencies - WIG

Steps to view Competencies that are assigned to a job profile or position.

Request Compensation Change - WIG

Steps to complete a compensation change using the stand-alone business process of Request Compensation Change.

Request One-Time Payment - WIG

Steps to Request One-Time Payment. Examples of one-time payments include employee awards, one-time merit, and academic activities.

Interim / Acting Jobs for Staff - WPO

Overview of process for adding interim and acting assignments due to a permanent or temporary vacancy. Typically done for leadership positions.

Add, View and End Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA) for Worker - WIG

Information for managing FWAs for workers in your organization.

Edit Personal Data for Worker - WIG

Steps to add or update personal data on behalf of a worker. Includes contact information such as phone, email, and physical addresses, emergency contacts, profile photo, and preferred name.

View/Edit Furlough Information - WIG

Steps to view or enter information associated with a Furlough Program.

Multiple Jobs, Additional and Sporadic Employment

See the Multiple Jobs, Additional, and Sporadic Employment Page