Performance Appraisals and Corrective Action

Performance Appraisals

Documentation for completing performance appraisals.

Key :  WIG - Workday Instructional Guide    WPO - Workday Process Overview

For Everyone (Performance Appraisals Overview)

Employee Performance Appraisals - WPO

Overview of the performance appraisal process for HR Roles, Managers, and Employees. Includes helpful reports and guidance for employees with multiple jobs.

HR Roles

Performance Appraisal Security Information Guide

Guide to understanding how Workday restricts access to performance-related information.

Start Performance Review -WIG

Steps for HR Roles to kick-off performance reviews for an individual employee or for an organization.

Start Performance Review - Attachment Only - WIG

Steps for HR Roles to load into Workday a performance review that was completed outside Workday. Users must still enter the performance period and overall rating.

View Position Responsibilities for Performance Appraisal - WIG

Steps to view the current responsibilities for a position within Workday.

Updating the Responsibilities on a Position for Performance Appraisals - WIG

Steps to update the responsibilities on a position are typically done prior to launching a performance review.

Corrective Action 

All corrective actions require consultation with HR’s Strategic Workforce Solutions (SWS) unit prior to delivering to an employee. The disciplinary action process within Workday is the last step of the corrective action process.

Disciplinary Action - WIG

Steps for HR Roles to upload disciplinary action documentation into Workday. In addition to uploading the document, users will need to enter disciplinary type, level, policy citation, period start, and end dates.