Workday Overview

Documentation that provides an overview of processes and concepts in Workday for all populations

Key:  WIG - Workday Instructional Guide    WPO - Workday Process Overview

Workday Self-Paced Learning

Workday Fundamentals – If you are new to Workday or need a better understanding of its foundational concepts, we encourage you to take the Workday Fundamentals self-paced course. Learn more

General Workday Documentation

New Search Functionality Video (Video via MS Stream)

Video overview of new Workday search functionality introduced with the Workday Spring Update 2022 on March 12.

Staffing Business Processes – WPO

Overview of the staffing lifecycle and most common staffing business processes.

Prorated Compensation - WPO

An explanation of how Workday prorates salary and allowances for part-time positions and partial periods worked.

Worker Type and Employee Type - WPO

Outline of key concepts for Worker Type and Employee Type in Workday.

Job Catalog – WPO

Overview of how Job Profiles are organized into a hierarchical structure known collectively as the Job Catalog.

End Dates - WPO

Overview of various end dates used in Workday and their impact.

View, Cancel, or Rescind a Business Process Event - WIG

Steps to find and view transactions. Steps to cancel in-progress transactions and rescind completed transactions.

Manage Business Processes for Worker – WPO

Provides guidance for the task Manage Business Process for Worker task. This task applies when an employee experiences a Change Job or a contingent worker’s contract ends. Any outstanding inbox items for that worker need to be dispositioned.