Each category below contains links to documentation and other resources to assist with HR/Payroll processing in Workday.

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Documentation Categories

HR Processing Documentation

Workday Overview

Documentation that provides an overview of processes and concepts in Workday for all populations


Documentation for the Hire business processes for staffing of all populations.


Documentation and materials to support Recruiting and Candidate Management business processes.

Onboarding and I-9

Covers business processes related to Onboarding for all populations and completing the Form I-9 for employees and I-9 Partners.

Changes During Employment

Documentation for Workday processes related to changes during employment, including Change Job and compensation changes.

Multiple Jobs

Documentation covering how to handle Multiple Jobs, Additional and Sporadic Employment in Workday for all populations.


Documentation for HR Roles, Employees, and Managers covering Performance Appraisals and Corrective Actions.


Documentation for the Termination process in Workday.

Academic and Student Employment

Academic Employment

Covers business processes related to academic employment for faculty, NTT faculty, and academic staff.

Student Employment

Materials covering topics related to Student Employment.

Timekeeping and Security

Time and Absence

Information about time and absence tracking for Timekeepers and Absence Partners.

Security and Delegation

Covers managing Security Roles and Delegation for Security Partners, Cost Center Security Partners, Academic Unit Security Partners

Job Costing and Financials

Job Costing

Documentation and tools for Cost Center Managers, Financial Analysts, and University HCM Fiscal Analysts.

Workday Financial Transaction Guidance

Guidance for using financial reports including Allocation Details and the Detailed Account Balances (GB2).

Mass Process Guidance

Mass Process Matrix

Overview of Mass Processes and Matrix to provide at-a-glance information.

Monthly Mass EAJ / Term Process

The monthly Mass End Additional Job (EAJ)/Termination process runs for all fixed-term employees and non-employees positions with an End Employment Date on or before the last day of the prior month.

Prior Period Mass Advance of Time

At the end of each month, time entry for the month that is 3 months earlier will be locked. This process supports timesheet clean-up before the lock occurs.

Semi-Monthly Mass Advance of Hourly Time

The semi-monthly Mass Advance of Hourly Time to the Timekeeper will run at 3 p.m. on the semi-monthly payroll deadline to give Timekeepers until the 5 p.m. payroll deadline to approve.

Mass Transaction Submission System (MTSS)

MTSS is an always-on system that enables departments to perform mass Hires and Add Additional Jobs through an interface outside of Workday.

Mass End Employment Date Extension Process

This cyclical mass process extends the end employment date for workers in designated populations. The process is scheduled based on semester begin/end dates.

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Mass Transactions

Non-Tenure Track (NTT) Faculty Mass Process will manage NTT Faculty contracts by centrally processing Renew, Inactivate, and Reactivate transactions prior to the start of the fall semester.

Performance Appraisal Mass Transaction Process

The Performance Appraisal Mass Transaction Process uploads Performance Review Ratings and Completion Dates into Workday for those CSUs that did not complete performance appraisals in Workday. This process is available annually.

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