Materials on the business processes related to recruiting and candidate management. 

Key :  WIG - Workday Instructional Guide    WPO - Workday Process Overview


Process Changes in Workday to Support New Hiring Policy  (Effective 4/27/2020)

Recruiting - WPO

Evergreen Requisition Overview - WPO

Job Requisition

Create Job Requisition and Post Job - WIG

Edit Job Requisition - WIG

Unpost Jobs -WIG

Create and Manage Questionnaires - WIG

Candidate Management

Candidate Management - WIG

Candidate Communication - WIG

Manage Prospects - WIG

Apply for Job

Find and Apply for a Job (for Current UT Employees) - WIG

Evergreen Job Requisition

Recruiting from Evergreen Requisition WIG

Edit Evergreen Requisition - WIG

Candidate Snapshot - WIG

2019 Information Session Training Slide Decks