Documentation for the Termination process in Workday.

Key:  WIG - Workday Instructional Guide    WPO - Workday Process Overview


Termination - WIG

Steps to terminate an employee’s only job. If an employee has multiple jobs, refer to End Additional Job.

End Dates - WPO

Overview of various end dates used in Workday and their impact.

Close Position - WIG

Steps to permanently close an unfilled position in a Position Management (PM).  A closed position cannot be reopened.

No Call/Never Worked - WIG

Steps to the No Call/Never Worked process which addresses situations where a worker is hired but never reports for work. This includes Contingent Workers and Add Job scenarios.

Complete Termination Questionnaire for Faculty – WIG 

Steps to complete the questionnaire which triggers as part of the termination process for faculty.

End Contingent Worker Contract - WIG

Steps to terminate a Contingent Worker by ending their contract.

Watch a video demonstration.

Manage Business Processes for Worker – WPO

Provides guidance for the task Manage Business Process for Worker task. This task applies when an employee experiences a Change Job or a contingent worker’s contract ends. Any outstanding inbox items for that worker need to be dispositioned.

End Additional Jobs

End Job for Staff - WIG

Steps to end an additional job for staff.

End Job for Faculty and Academic Staff – WIG

Steps for ending an additional job for faculty and academic staff.

End Job for Student and Work-Study - WIG

Steps for ending additional jobs for student and work-study positions.