Documentation for the Hire business processes for staffing of all populations.

Key:  WIG - Workday Instructional Guide    WPO - Workday Process Overview

Overview – All Populations

Propose Compensation - WPO

Guide to the compensation subprocess used in Hire, Change Job, and Add Job.

Hire Process

Create Position - WIG

Steps to create a position in a Position Management (PM) supervisory organization.

Watch a video demonstration.

Hire Staff  - WIG

Steps for hiring staff.

Watch a video demonstration. This is a direct hire of a non-benefits eligible staff employee and does not include recruiting. The demonstration does include subprocesses and To Do steps related to the instructional guides listed below. 

Add an EID for Worker - WIG

Steps to complete the Add an EID To-Do in Workday when completing a Hire.

Run Background Check - WIG

Steps to complete the Run Background Check To-Do in Workday. 

Change Organization Assignments - WIG

Steps to add a Funded By account to a worker/position.  This is a subprocess of Hire, Add Job, and Change Job.  It can also be a stand-alone process.

Propose Compensation Hire - WIG

Steps to add compensation during the Hire process. This step is a subprocess of Hire.

Assign Costing Allocations as Subprocess - WIG

Steps for HR roles to add or update costing allocations within a Hire, Add Job, or Change Job.

Add Probation Period - WIG

Steps to add the end date of a classified employee’s probationary period.

View a video demonstration of this subprocess in the Onboarding Setup video.


Specific Populations


For specific information about hiring Faculty or Academic Staff, refer to the Hire section of the Academic Employment page.

For information about managing Non-Tenure Track Faculty, refer to the Non-Tenure Track section of the Academic Employment page.


For specific information about hiring Student Workers, refer to the Hire section of the Student Employment page.

Nonemployee / Contingent Worker

Nonemployee - WPO

Guidance on hiring and managing nonemployees in Workday including Contingent Workers.

Contract Contingent Worker - WIG

Steps to hire (contract) a Contingent Worker.

Watch a video demonstration.

Convert to Employee – WIG

Steps to change someone's Worker Type from Contingent Worker to Employee.

Watch a video demonstration.