Documentation for the Hire business processes for staffing of all populations.

Key:  WIG - Workday Instructional Guide    WPO - Workday Process Overview

Overview – All Populations

Propose Compensation - WPO

Guide to the compensation subprocess used in Hire, Change Job, and Add Job.

Hire Process

Create Position - WIG

Steps to create a position in a Position Management (PM) supervisory organization.

Hire Staff  - WIG

Steps for hiring staff.

Add an EID for Worker - WIG

Steps to complete the Add an EID To-Do in Workday when completing a Hire.

Run Background Check - WIG

Steps to complete the Run Background Check To-Do in Workday. 

Change Organization Assignments - WIG

Steps to add a Funded By account to a worker/position.  This is a subprocess of Hire, Add Job, and Change Job.  It can also be a stand-alone process.

Propose Compensation Hire - WIG

Steps to add compensation during the Hire process. This step is a subprocess of Hire.

Assign Costing Allocations as Subprocess - WIG

Steps for HR roles to add or update costing allocations within a Hire, Add Job, or Change Job.

Add Probation Period - WIG

Steps to add the end date of a classified employee’s probationary period.

Specific Populations


For specific information about hiring Faculty or Academic Staff, refer to the Hire section of the Academic Employment page.

For information about managing Non-Tenure Track Faculty, refer to the Non-Tenure Track section of the Academic Employment page.


For specific information about hiring Student Workers, refer to the Hire section of the Student Employment page.

Nonemployee / Contingent Worker

Contingent Workers - WPO

Defines Contingent Worker and provides an overview of related processes.

Nonemployee - WPO

Guidance on hiring and managing nonemployees in Workday.

Contract Contingent Worker - WIG

Steps to hire (contract) a Contingent Worker which is an unpaid nonemployee with only one job.

Convert Contingent Worker to Employee – WIG

Steps to convert a currently active Contingent Worker to be an Employee.