Academic Employment

Materials on the core business processes related to academic employment.

Key:  WIG - Workday Instructional Guide    WPO - Workday Process Overview


Academic Job Family Groups & Business Process Routing - WPO

Academic Appointment Information - WPO

Academic Worker Life Cycle Flow


Create Job Requisition for Faculty - WIG

Academic: Hire Faculty - WPO

Hire Academic Staff - WPO

Hire Academic Staff - WIG

Changes During Employment

Change Job - WPO

Start Job Change - WIG

Non-Tenure Track

Manage Non-Tenure Track Faculty - WPO

Maintain Non-Tenure Track Faculty Contracts - WIG

Inactivate Non-Tenure Track Faculty - WIG

Reactivate Non-Tenure Track Faculty - WIG

Renew Non-Tenure Track Faculty - WIG

Academic Appointments

Academic Appointments - WPO

Add Academic Appointment - WIG

Update Academic Appointment - WIG

End Academic Appointment - WIG

Add or Update Privileges for an Academic Affiliate - WIG

Mass Processes

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Mass Transactions Guidance

Multiple Jobs

Add Additional Job for Academic Staff - WIG

Add Additional Job for Faculty Associate - WIG

Primary Jobs - WPO

Switch Primary Job for Faculty and Academic Staff - WIG

End Job for Faculty and Academic Staff - WIG

Additional Employment

See the Additional and Sporadic Employment Page


Academic: Terminate Faculty - WPO

Termination - WIG

Complete Termination Questionnaire for Faculty - WIG

Summer Guidance

Faculty Summer Jobs – Workday Process Overview

CSU Faculty Summer Jobs Initiator and Approver Checklist

Faculty Summer Job Scenario Matrix

The Faculty Summer Job Costing Tool and Overview are available on the Job Costing training page. 

For updated summer insurance information see the Summer Coverage for Faculty page by Human Resources.