Job Costing

Training, guidance, and tools for Cost Center Managers, Financial Analysts, and University HCM Fiscal Analysts.

Key :  WIG - Workday Instructional Guide    WPO - Workday Process Overview


Costing and Funding Overview - WPO

Worker Profile Navigation Handout

View Worker History Handout

Financial Data Model Handout

Terminology for Financial Analysts and Cost Center Managers 

Managing Funded By Organization Assignments Report Guidance 

Cost Center Manager Review & Approval Guide

Change Organization Assignments & Assign Costing Allocation

Assign Costing Allocation as Sub-Process - WIG

Assign Costing Allocation as a Stand-Alone Process - WIG

Change Organization Assignments - WIG

DEFINE Codes Cheat Sheet

    Job Costing Tools 

    The Job Costing Tool is designed to estimate compensation charges and resulting costing allocation distribution percentages or amounts based on Workday's payroll actual calculations.

    • Working days will include UT holidays by default (benefits-eligible). To adjust Working days to exclude UT holidays, select the Benefits Ineligible rate from the Fringe % dropdown field. These details and more are available in the Header tab of the tool.
    • The Job Costing Excel spreadsheets use advanced features that are not available when viewed in Box or via Excel Online. To make use of these features, download the file to your computer and then open with Excel.

    Job Costing Tool

    Example – JCT Faculty Release from Instructional Budget – Percentage Basis

    Example – JCT Hourly Employee including Longevity Pay – Dollar Basis

    Faculty Summer Job Costing Tool

    Faculty Summer Job Costing Tool Overview

    Workday Financial Transaction Guidance Highlights

    Find more information on the Workday Financial Transaction Guidance page.

    Allocation Details

    Allocation Details provides allocation amounts for salaried employees that can be viewed by EID, account number, and unit. It combines Workday compensation plans, costing allocations, scheduled weekly hours, payroll actuals and encumbrances with unit data from DEFINE.

    Position Budgeting

    Mainly utilized during the university's Budget season. These documents provide guidance to view or update Position Restrictions Costing Allocation and Budgeted FTE. This applies to filled and vacant positions. 

    View and Update Costing Allocations for Position Restrictions - WIG

    View and Update Budgeted FTE for Worker - WIG