Workday for Security Partners


Welcome to Workday for Security Partners! This askUS Self-Paced Learning Course replaces the in-person, Instructor-Led Training (ILT) class. All newly assigned Security Partners are expected to take this course. It is also recommended as a refresher for those who have taken previous Workday Security Partner Training. 

Who should take this course? 

Anyone who holds one of the following roles:

  • Security Partner
  • Academic Unit Security Partner​
  • Cost Center Security Partner

How do I receive credit for this course?

  • Must be assigned at least one Security Partner role 
  • Completed prerequisite Workday Fundamentals Course and received a score of 80% or higher on the Comprehensive Learning Review
  • Complete the Comprehensive Learning Review for this course with a score of 80% or higher

Getting Started

  1. Review the Course Syllabus which provides instructions and details about the components of this course.
  2. Proceed to the lessons below. You may work through each lesson at your own pace and convenience.


Lessons are in Narrated PowerPoint format. 

  • Each lesson has voice narration and narration text
  • Learning Review questions are a self-graded review to check lesson comprehension
  • Learning Exercises for knowledge application
  • Demo videos walk you thru a complete business process
1.  Refresher of Workday Fundamentals - Organizations - Narrated PowerPoint (5:28)
2.  Refresher of Workday Fundamentals - Security Roles - Narrated PowerPoint (5:02)
3.  Foundations of Workday Security
  • Lesson  - Narrated PowerPoint (7:01)
4.  Assigning Roles
  • Lesson  - Narrated PowerPoint (5:43)
  • Demo - Assign Roles Off Position (4:26)
  • Demo - Assign Roles Off Organization (3:49)
  • Exercises
5.  Role Inheritance
6.  Refresher of Workday Fundamentals Navigation Videos
7.  Refresher of Business Processes & Approval Routing - Narrated PowerPoint (5:15)
8.  Staffing Actions for Security Partners
  • Lesson  - Narrated PowerPoint (6:02)
9.  Delegations 
  • Lesson  - Narrated PowerPoint (4:06)
  • Demo - My Delegations (3:31)  
  • Demo - Manage Delegation Settings (4:28)
  • Demo - Delegate View (2:22)
  • Exercises
10.  Security Partner Dashboard
Comprehensive Learning Review

The Learning Review provides the opportunity to validate your knowledge and obtain course credit in UTLearn upon completion of all the lessons and a score of 80% or higher for all those who hold the Workday Security Roles above. 

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