Monthly Mass End Additional Job / Termination Process

Next Run Date: December 10, 2021

The monthly Mass End Additional Job/Termination process will run on December 10, 2021, for all fixed-term employees and non-employees positions with an End Employment Date on or before November 30, 2021. To prepare, CSUs should run the Mass End Employment Date Audit - RPT0741 report in Workday.


The monthly Mass End Additional Job/Termination process will run for all fixed-term employees and non-employees positions with an End Employment Date on or before the last day of the prior month. The effective date of the mass process will be equal to the End Employment Date on the position.  In addition, if there is an Academic Appointment associated with the position, it will be ended (except Courtesy, Endowment, Affiliate, and Emeritus Academic Appointments).  

Note that the process is not completely automated.  Some positions will be excluded from the process if you do not take preparatory action.  An audit report will help you identify which positions require action ahead of the scheduled mass process.  The same report is used after the scheduled mass process to see which positions were excluded so that you know which positions you must end manually.

Reasons why a position in the Mass Process will NOT be ended

  • Positions that have time blocks after their end employment date - If a time block exists (Unsubmitted, Submitted, In Progress, or Final Approved), an end job or termination will not be processed. The time block could indicate that the employee worked after their end employment date, and therefore, the End Employment Date should be extended.
  • Position has Completed BP with Effective Date after End Employment Date - Business processes with an effective date after the End Employment Date could indicate that the worker’s relationship to the University should continue and therefore the end employment date should be extended.
  • Positions where a Switch Primary is required - The Primary Job has an End Employment Date in the past, but additional jobs that are still active with End Employment Dates in the future.  
  • In Progress Transaction(s) - Any positions that have in-progress staffing transactions (Switch Primary, Add Job*, End Additional Job, Change Job, Termination). 

Known Issue and Updated Guidance – We are working with Workday, Inc. to investigate and resolve an issue affecting the Monthly Mass End Additional Job / Termination Process. The issue causes Workday not to block terminations for workers with pending Add Additional Job transactions in certain stages. Until the issue is resolved, do not rely on a pending Add Additional Job to stop the Mass Term process from ending a worker with an end employment date in the past. To prevent a worker from being ended prematurely, be sure to process an extension if the worker is remaining in that job or a Transfer if they are starting a new one using the Change Job Business Process prior to the CSU processing deadline.

Pre & Post Mass Process Guidance

Required Actions BEFORE the Mass Process Runs

  1. Run the Mass End Employment Date Audit - RPT0741 report in Workday to identify which positions will be included in this mass process. The report returns currently active positions that have an end employment date that is on or prior to the date entered in the Comparison End Employment Date report field.
    • The Comparison End Employment Date should be the last day of the previous month.  Refer to the Schedule and Important Dates section below to identify which date should be used for each Process Month.
    • The Indicator column indicates if the position will be ended
      • Will be Ended - Indicates the position will be included in the mass process unless action is taken to extend the End Employment Date.
      • Will Attempt to End - Indicates that the position has an in-progress event or has a completed event with an effective date after the End Employment Date at the time the report was run.
      • Manual Intervention Required – Indicates that the position has a time block after the End Employment Date or a Switch Primary Job is needed. The CSU must take action before the mass process will end or terminate the position.
    • Review the columns to the right in the report to review the reason why a position requires action.
  2. Extend the End Employment Date for any positions in the report that should not be ended or terminated by this process.
  3. Process any Change Jobs, Add Jobs, and/or Switch Primary Jobs for impacted positions prior to the CSU Transaction Processing Deadline. (Refer to the Schedule and Important Dates section for the exact date.)
  4. Delete or process any time blocks as appropriate/if applicable.

Required Actions AFTER the Mass Process Runs

  • Run the Mass End Employment Date Audit Report (RPT0741) to see which positions were NOT ended. (Compare this report to the “before” report to see which positions were ended.)
  • Manually process necessary End Jobs, Terminations, and End Contingent Worker Contracts for positions that still need to be ended.
  • For positions that ended and require additional changes:
    • Costing Allocations: Changes can still be processed in Workday on positions that have been ended or terminated.
    • Scheduled Weekly Hours:
      • For terminated positions, a rescind is required before changes can be made. Refer to the Rescind Transaction Guidance.
      • For additional jobs that were ended,
        • Process an Add Job for an increase in hours, or
        • Request a rescind for a decrease in hours. Refer to the Rescind Transaction Guidance.
      • After processing a change in Scheduled Weekly Hours, process an End Job or Termination as appropriate.
  • If a transaction generated by this process needs to be rescinded, contact following the Rescind Transaction Guidance.

Schedule and Important Dates

Process Month CSU Transaction Processing Deadline Comparison End Employment Date Mass Process Run Date
July 2021 7/7/2021 @ noon 6/30/2021 7/9/2021
August 2021 8/4/2021 @ noon 7/31/2021 8/6/2021
September 2021 9/8/2021 @ noon 8/31/2021 9/10/2021
October 2021 10/6/2021 @ noon 9/30/2021 10/8/2021
November 2021 11/3/2021 @ noon 10/31/2021 11/5/2021
December 2021 12/8/2021 @ noon 11/30/2021 12/10/2021
January 2022 1/5/2022 @ noon 12/31/2021 1/7/2022
February 2022 2/9/2022 @ noon 1/31/2022 2/11/2022
March 2022 3/9/2022 @ noon 2/28/2022 3/11/2022
April 2022 4/6/2022 @ noon 3/31/2022 4/8/2022
May 2022 5/4/2022 @ noon 4/30/2022 5/6/2022
June 2022 6/8/2022 @ noon 5/31/2022 6/10/2022
July 2022 7/6/2022 @ noon 6/30/2022 7/8/2022
August 2022 8/3/2022 @ noon 7/31/2022 8/5/2022
September 2022 9/7/2022 @ noon 8/31/2022 9/9/2022