News from askUS - February 16, 2022

February 15, 2022

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In This Issue:

  • Important Dates and Deadlines
  • Terminology Talk – Should you Close that Job Req?
  • Answers to Common Questions Recently Received by askUS Support
  • Training Opportunities – Self-Paced or Instructor-Led
  • FYI – New Subscription Form Links
  • askUS Release Notes

Important Dates and Deadlines

Thursday, February 17, at 3 p.m. – Semi-Monthly Mass Advance of Hourly Time for 2/1/22 - 2/15/22.

Monday, February 21, at 1 p.m. – Prior Period Mass Advance of Time for the November 2021 time entry lock on February 28.

Wednesday, March 2, at 3 p.m. – Semi-Monthly Mass Advance of Hourly Time for 2/16/22 - 2/28/22.

Wednesday, March 9, at noon – CSU Transaction Processing Deadline for the Monthly Mass EAJ/Term Process for all fixed-term employee and non-employee positions, which runs Friday, March 11

View all upcoming mass process dates and deadline

Terminology Talk – Should you Close that Job Req?

Job Requisitions in Workday can be Open, Filled, or Closed. Open job requisitions are active, while Filled job requisitions are completed recruiting efforts. Closed job requisitions are recruiting efforts that will not be completed. To learn more about these and other Job Requisition terms, continue reading Terminology Talk - Job Requisitions.

Is there a term you’d like to learn more about? Let us know! Send your suggestions to or review past Terminology Talk articles to catch up on any you may have missed. 

Answers to Common Questions Recently Received by askUS Support

If I delete an Operational Support DocuSign request form, why does it still route for approvers to sign?

If you delete a form after sending it for signatures, any approvers will still be able to view/sign the form because DocuSign is sending each approver a copy of the original form. You should contact the approver(s) and ask them to select Decline to Sign from the Other Actions menu in Docusign to void the form. If you cannot contact the approver(s), email to request that they void the unwanted form. For more information about using DocuSign for askUS Operational Support requests, continue reading askUS Operational Support Services DocuSign Guidance.

Why can't I see the Modify and Cancel functions for my purchase order in FRMS?

Check to see whether you are authorized to create a Modify or Cancel document for the purchase order by referring to Authorization for Modify or Cancel Purchase Order Documents in the askUS Knowledge Base, then check out Creating a UT Market Change Order for more information.

You can find answers to many more frequently asked questions in the askUS Knowledge Base. Need help searching? Check out these handy askUS Search Tips.

Training Opportunities – Self-Paced or Instructor-Led

askUS Self-Paced Learning allows users to engage in training lessons and exercises at their own pace and convenience. Current offerings include Workday FundamentalsWorkday for Security Partners, and Financial Fundamentals.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (ILT) courses are held via Zoom and require registration via UTLearn.

The complete schedule of courses from now through May 2022 is available on the Upcoming Instructor-Led Training (ILT) events list.

FYI – New Subscription Form Links

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Recently, askUS transitioned to a simpler subscription process for the News from askUS and askUS Release Notes emails. If anyone in your office should be receiving either of these emails and are not, then feel free to pass along the new links.

askUS Release Notes

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