Terminology Talk - Job Requisitions

February 11, 2022

Job Requisitions in Workday have three possible statuses: Open, Filled, or Closed. Open job requisitions are active and can be either Posted or Unposted to the job posting websites. Filled job requisitions are completed recruiting efforts, i.e., a candidate has been hired to fill the job. Closed job requisitions are recruiting efforts that will not be completed.

Colloquially, we may use the term "cancel," e.g., "The job requisition was canceled." In this context, "canceled" would probably mean that the job requisition went from Open to Closed. But in Workday, the word "cancel" more often refers to the status of a business process event. If there was an In-Progress Create Job Requisition event, and you changed your mind about recruiting, you could cancel that event. But once a Create Job Requisition event is completed, one must Close the job requisition to cancel the recruiting effort.

Another point of confusion involves unposting job requisitions, i.e., removing the requisition from the internal/external job sites. In conversation, we might say: "I'm ready to make an offer. Please close the job requisition." As mentioned above, closing a job requisition will cancel the recruiting effort, and no hire can be made. More accurately, we should say: "I'm ready to make an offer. Please unpost the job requisition."

Here is a quick review of job requisition statuses.

Status Meaning
Open The job requisition is active and is either posted or unposted.
Filled The recruiting effort is completed. A candidate (or candidates) was selected and all positions for the job requisition have been filled.
Closed The recruiting effort was canceled and the job requisition can no longer be filled.

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