Non-Tenure Track Faculty Lateral Reclassification Mass Process


The Non-Tenure Track (NTT) Faculty Lateral Reclassification Mass Process will manage updates to job profile and academic appointments for NTT faculty approved for reclassification by centrally processing Edit Job, End Academic Appointment, and Add Academic Appointment on an ad-hoc basis.

  • CSUs may request lateral reclassifications for non-tenure track faculty in the following academic track types:
    • Instruction
    • Practice
    • Lecturer
    • Clinical
    • Adjunct
    • Visiting
    • Specialist
  • Retirees, Academic Affiliates, and Faculty – Inactive are ineligible for this mass process.
  • The mass process requires the submission of 10 or more faculty eligible for reclassification.
  • Faculty undergoing a promotion and tenure (PT) review cannot be considered for a lateral reclassification until the PT review has been completed.

Workday Processing

  • In Workday, academic appointments are used to track key information related to a worker’s academic relationship with the university, including academic rank and related position (the position linked to an academic appointment).
  • Academic ranks are grouped into academic track types. For example, the academic ranks of Assistant Professor of Instruction, Associate Professor of Instruction, and Professor of Instruction are grouped into the academic track type titled Instruction.
  • Related positions for academic appointments have corresponding job profiles that should always match the academic rank on the academic appointment. For example, a worker with a job profile of 0048 – Distinguished Senior Lecturer should have an academic rank of Distinguished Senior Lecturer on the academic appointment.

Mass Transaction Processing

  • For faculty being reclassified, the eBITS team will provide a means for centrally processing Edit Job (to update job profile on the position), End Academic Appointment (to remove the academic appointment associated with the previous job profile), and Add Academic Appointment (for the new job profile) business processes.
  • The NTT Faculty Lateral Reclassification Mass Process will not address updates to the Employee Contract, Scheduled Weekly Hours, or Compensation.
  • It is important to strictly follow the spreadsheet format.

Approval Form and Spreadsheet Submission

  • Faculty Lateral Reclassification Mass Process requests require Academic Personnel Services (APS) and CSU approval for processing in Workday. 
  • The mass Edit Position, End Academic Appointment, and Add Academic Appointment business processes that will be auto completed in Workday will not route to the CSU for approval. 
  • Upload the completed Faculty Lateral Reclassification Mass Process Request Approval Form to the Faculty Reclassification folder in the CSU Mass Processes UTBox folder provided by eBITS. The approval form must be signed by the CSU Academic HR Executive.
  • Also upload the completed Faculty Lateral Reclassification Mass Process Template (see instructions below) to the UTBox folder.
  • After both the approval form and spreadsheet template are uploaded to UTBox, notify APS at APS will review the mass request and, if approved, coordinate with eBITS to establish a processing timeline.
  • For questions regarding UTBox submission folders, contact askUS Support.

Preparing the Faculty Lateral Reclassification Mass Process Spreadsheet

  1. Colleges/Schools run the Faculty Lateral Reclassification Mass Process Template – RPT1026 in Workday and download to Excel.
    • Enter RPT1026 in the search box.
    • Select Faculty Lateral Reclassification Mass Process Template – RPT1026 and complete prompts:
    • Click OK for the report to run.
Prompt Name Description
Effective as of Date Enter an effective date that matches the effective date of reclassification. (01/16 or 09/01)
College or School Select the College or School that has been pre-approved for the mass reclassification.
Academic Unit Use this prompt to narrow results by department(s) or leave blank to return all departments within the CSU.
Academic Rank Use this prompt to narrow results by Academic Rank(s), e.g., Lecturer, or leave blank to return all eligible Ranks.
Academic Track Type Use this prompt to narrow results by Academic Track Type. For example, entering Lecturer will return results for Academic Ranks within the Lecturer Track Type (Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Distinguished Senior Lecturer). Or leave blank to return all eligible Track Types.
  1. In the Excel download, manually delete rows for all faculty who will not be reclassified.
  2. Enter information in the Proposed Job Profile (used in EIB) column using the following guidance:
    • Enter the job code followed by the job title of the job profile each faculty member will be reclassified into. For example:
      • 0033 – Assistant Professor of Instruction
      • 0023 – Associate Professor of Practice
    • NOTE: See the Job Profile Catalog – RPT0286 for a complete list of all job profiles with their corresponding job codes.
    • REMINDER: Reclassifications must be lateral (equivalent rank in a new series). For example, a Lecturer can be reclassified as an Assistant Professor of Instruction, and a Senior Lecturer can be reclassified as an Associate Professor of Instruction.
  3. Do not edit any of the other existing report fields, add data into the spreadsheet outside of the Proposed Job Profile column, or adjust the formatting of the spreadsheet.
  4. Submit the completed spreadsheet for next level review by uploading to UTBox with the completed approval form.
    • A minimum of 10 records is required for the submission to be mass processed.
    • APS will review the request and once approved, submit finalized versions of the spreadsheet template and approval form to the eBITS team.
    • The eBITS team will then make the necessary formatting updates and upload data to Workday.
    • Any resulting errors are managed between eBITS, APS, and the applicable Academic HR Executive, as needed. Some errors may require individual processing in Workday by the CSU.