askUS Newsletter - July 9, 2020

July 9, 2020

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In This Issue:

  • Important Dates and Deadlines
  • Mass Processing Service Offerings for Fall 2020
  • Salary Spread Guidance Now Available
  • Answers to Common Questions Recently Received by askUS Support
  • ICYMI – Financial Reports Enhancements
  • Training Opportunities – Self-Paced or Instructor-Led
  • askUS Release Notes


Important Dates and Deadlines

Monday, July 13, 2020 – The Mass Transaction Submission System (MTSS) becomes available for performing student Hires and Add Additional Jobs in Workday.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020 – UT Benefits Annual Enrollment opens for the 2020-2021 plan year.

Friday, July 17, 2020 @ 3 p.m. – Time will advance to Timekeepers for the Semi-Monthly Mass Advance of Hourly Time process for the 7/1/20 - 7/15/20 time period.

Monday, July 20, 2020 – Submission window opens for the Student Mass End Employment End Date Extension Process which will run from July 20 to August 26, 2020, at noon for Hourly and Salaried Student positions.

Monday, July 20, 2020 – Submission window opens for the Non-Tenure Track (NTT) Mass Transaction Process which will run from July 20 to August 7, 2020

Thursday, July 23, 2020 @ 1 p.m. – Mass Advance of January and February 2020 unsubmitted and in-progress time to Timekeepers for review/approval.

Friday, July 31, 2020 @ 10 p.m. – Prior Period Time Entry Lock for January and February 2020.

Thursday, August 6, 2020 @ noon – CSU Transaction Processing Deadline for the July Monthly Mass End Additional Job / Termination Process Guidance process.

Monday, August 10, 2020 by noon – Monthly Mass End Additional Job / Termination Process Guidanceprocess runs for all fixed-term employees and non-employees positions with an End Employment Date on or before July 31, 2020.


Mass Processing Service Offerings for Fall 2020

In our ongoing effort to reduce the workload of offices across the University during peak processing times, we are offering the following solutions to assist with preparations for the fall semester:

Mass Transaction Submission System (MTSS)

The Mass Transaction Submission System (MTSS) will be available on Monday, July 13. The new system, designed with input provided by individuals from representative offices across campus, streamlines performing student Hires and Add Additional Jobs in Workday. The new service allows HR Partners and HR Executives to upload, gain approval, and submit their student hires directly without needing to submit spreadsheets. For more information, visit the MTSS help page.


Student Mass Extension Process

The Student Mass End Employment Date Extension Process will run from Monday, July 20  to Wednesday, August 26 at noon for Hourly and Salaried Student positions. In addition to extending the end employment date, changes to Scheduled Weekly Hours, Business Title, and Position Title can also be made through this process.


Non-Tenure Track Mass Transaction Process

Non-Tenure Track (NTT) Faculty Mass Process will assist offices that manage NTT Faculty contracts by centrally processing Renew, Inactivate, and Reactivate transactions prior to the start of the fall semester. The submission window will run from Monday, July 20 to Friday, August 7. Look for communications and guidance from Academic Personnel Services (APS) soon.

Additional Services Coming Soon!

We are also working with key business areas to support the importing of performance appraisal information into Workday, along with Salary Adjustments (one-time and reoccurring) with 9/1 effective dates and mass updates for 9/1 funding changes. All of these processes will alleviate the need for CSUs to process this information individually in Workday.


Salary Spread Guidance Now Available

Guidance for Funding Changes during Long Session with Salary Spread – Salary spread payments distributed in the summer are funded based on the costing allocation in place at the time of the payment. Guidance includes how to proactively and retroactively assign costing so that encumbrances and actuals are charged as intended. For further assistance, please contact


Answers to Common Questions Recently Received by askUS Support

How can I find out when my time-off balances will expire?

Workers who want to make sure they use comp time before it expires can use the Workday report Compensatory Time Expiring for Worker - RPT0823. This report will show any comp time set to expire during each of the eight weeks following the effective date supplied when running the report. To find how much of your vacation balance will carry over to the next fiscal year, run the report Vacation Hours Over Fiscal Year Carryover Limit - RPT0927. These reports can help you decide which time-off types to use when planning absences.

Why is it important to request a rescind before a payroll deadline?

Rescinds submitted or in process after payroll runs may be subject to a much more complex and lengthy process to complete. This is due to the fact that support staff will need to manually update multiple university systems in order to ensure data integrity. Keep in mind that many issues can be fixed without having to request a rescind, so please refer to the Rescind Request Matrix before requesting a rescind. For more information, continue reading the Rescind Transition Guidance.

Answers to many more frequently asked questions can be found in the askUS Knowledge Base. Need help searching? Check out these handy askUS Search Tips!


ICYMI – Financial Reports Enhancements 

A new Financial Reports home page now offers convenient links to existing financial reports and corresponding Financial Reports Help documentation. The Detailed Account Balance GB2Fringe Single YearFringe Year Over Year, and new Stopgap Accounts reports now provide enhanced visibility into transaction activity. Popovers now display additional details related to specific data elements and links to additional transaction details are available within each report. Additional enhancements applied across financial reports include filtering by column, detailed downloads in Excel (.xlsx) format, and a quick-sum calculator.


Training Opportunities – Self-Paced or Instructor-Led

askUS Self-Paced Learning allows users to engage in training lessons and exercises at their own pace and convenience. (No registration required to begin learning.)

  • Coming Soon! Workday for Security Partners will be available in August for those who are assigned the Security Partner role in Workday. Security Partners will be able to access detailed course content at their convenience online in our newest self-paced learning offering.
  • Workday Fundamentals is designed for individuals who have a Workday security role that support workers or an analyst role with the ability to view data. The goal of this course is to teach foundational concepts to those new to the system. Experienced Workday users may find the lessons useful as a knowledge refresher. Look for more courses that focus on specific processes and topics later this summer. Continue to Workday Fundamentals

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (ILT) courses are held via Zoom video conferencing to support the continued learning needs of Workday users. (Requires registration via UTLearn.)

Currently Scheduled Virtual Classroom Courses  

Note: Some times have changed


askUS Release Notes

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