How to Subscribe to askUS Release Notes

Please only subscribe to askUS Release Notes using your UT email address.

askUS Release Notes will be updated each week on Fridays. Currently, they are published to the Release Notes page of the Workday @ UT website and emailed directly to subscribers. If you would like to receive askUS Release Notes by email each week, but need some help getting started, follow the steps below to subscribe.

1. Click the following link to visit the subscription page on UTLists:
2. On the left side of the page, under List Options, click the Subscribe link.
3. Enter your email address and name in the subscription form, then click the Subscribe button.
4. Click the Confirm button
5. When the confirmation email from UTLists appears in your inbox, click the confirmation link. This will take you to a webpage on the UTLists site where you will need to click a confirm button.

Note: UTLists is only used to manage subscriptions, you will not receive release notes emails from this account. askUS Release Notes emails are sent from the email address, which is used for communications from askUS to the UT Community or to field questions about release notes, newsletter, or website content. For any support needs, you should contact to avoid any delay in receiving assistance.

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April 21, 2020