Which Signatures Do I Need for Signature Desk Request Forms?

May 24, 2021

The Signature Desk team in askUS Support handles a variety of *DEFINE and Electronic Office Management System (EOM) requests, including unit code creation, updates of the EOM office manager, and Department System updates. Anyone requiring these services should submit a Signature Desk request form.

Per university policy, each Signature Desk request form requires a valid signature to maintain oversight of the process. To find which signature is valid for a form, check the instructions in the signature section of the request form you receive in your email after submitting the initial request.

Most forms require either the unit administrator’s signature or the signature of anyone higher in the *DEFINE unit hierarchy chain. Some will require a unit administrator higher than the requested unit’s administrator or additional signers in Workday if the unit is departmental.

To find the unit administrator hierarchy for a unit, follow the steps below and refer to the askUS entry Who can authorize changes to a unit? for more information.

  1. Log into *DEFINE.
  2. Go to the GG6 screen. 
  3. Enter the requested unit to see the unit administrator and those unit administrators above them in the unit’s hierarchy.

Important note: Valid signers for Signature Desk request forms at times might not correspond to the department’s general HR hierarchy. For example, if a Dean is not a unit administrator or higher in a unit’s hierarchy, as seen on GG6, the Dean’s signature will not be accepted for the requested unit. Signers must have a direct connection to the requested unit.

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