Time to Transfer or Time to Add Job?

September 25, 2020

Test your knowledge: You have a staff worker you want to bring on for a part-time job from 10/1 to 1/15. The worker currently has a separate, active part-time staff job with another department that goes from 9/1 to 10/5. You have confirmed with the worker that the 10/5 end date on their active job is correct. Should you use the Change Job - Transfer process or the Add an Additional Job process to get your department’s job in place?

Answer: Because the two jobs will both exist at the same time for a few days (10/1 -10/5), your department’s job will need to be added as an additional job. Transfers for staff workers are done when only one job will exist at a time with no overlap in time between them. For more information, refer to the Add Additional Job for Staff Workday Instructional Guide (WIG).

Do you have questions about student workers? Find out whether to use transfer or add a job with the Student Business Process Matrix.

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