Answers to Common UT Market Questions

June 21, 2023

The askUS Support team compiled a list of some of the most common questions we receive from users of UT Market, along with where to find the answers in the askUS Knowledge Base. Previously, we shared similar tips for FRMS and DEFINE.

Why can't I check out carts in UT Market?

While all employees can place items into carts in UT Market and assign those carts to others, in their role of Shopper, only those with the role Buyer role can check carts out. If you feel you should have the Buyer role, reach out to your Electronic Office Manager to request UT Market Buyer Authorization.

How do I find a UT Market cart that was assigned to me?

Follow the steps in the entry Using the Assigned Carts Tab in UT Market to view your carts, including both draft and assigned carts.

How do I correct a cart that's already checked out?

Unfortunately, carts can't be recalled or modified once checked out. The steps you follow next depend on whether you need to recall or modify the cart. Depending on your situation, refer to the entries Cannot Recall UT Market Carts and Cannot Modify UT Market Cart Requisition.

How do I delete a cart?

If you need to delete a cart that is still in draft mode, follow the steps in the entry Delete Draft Carts in UT Market.

If you need assistance, contact askUS Support at


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