Troubleshooting Your Desks and Views in DEFINE

May 26, 2023

Electronic desks and views determine which types of financial documents you can see and work on in DEFINE. Not having the correct desk/view permissions set can prevent you from accessing documents and getting your work done. To help you troubleshoot access to DEFINE screens, we have gathered a few of the most common issues below and how to solve them using information available in the askUS Knowledge Base.

Screens in DEFINE often require specific desk/view combinations. If you are having trouble accessing a screen, check to see if you are on the correct desk/view combination. To check or change your current desk/view combination, follow the steps in the entry, Changing desk and view in DEFINE. If you do not see the correct desk/view combination listed in your desk/view list, you do not have access to that desk/view combination. In this case, you must contact your Electronic Office Manager (EOM). If you don’t know who your EOM manager is, check with your department’s financial team or refer to the entry Finding an Electronic Office Manager

If you change your desk and view on a screen, but every time you return to the screen, you are back on the prior desk and view, you may have set up a desk and view profile for that specific screen at some point in the past. Refer to Profiling Desk and View Combinations for DEFINE Screens. If you have confirmed you are on the correct desk, but you still cannot work on certain types of financial documents, check the YS1 screen or use the F1 command to see if the desk you are on has multiple views attached to it and switch to the correct desk/view combination. If you are unsure which view is correct, confirm with your department. 

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