Finding answers to some common FRMS questions

April 21, 2023

We’ve compiled a quick list of some common errors and questions users may encounter when processing documents in FRMS and how to solve them. Users can solve many issues quickly on their own by searching for FRMS in the askUS Knowledge Base.

  • If you or someone in your office needs access to FRMS, refer to the entry, Access to FRMS.
  • If you encounter the Scholarship/Fellowship Error: All accounts must be in the same master view, it means that the accounts listed in the Accounts section of the scholarship/fellowship are in two different master views. To learn how to solve this issue, check out the entry, FRMS Award EOM Error.
  • If you notice an FRMS Transfer document route to a desk outside your normal departmental routing, it could mean the account involved required additional approvals. Learn more about this practice in the entry, FRMS Transfers and Departmental Routing.
  • The entry, FRMS Awards Approval Error provides information on how to clear the Scholarship/Fellowship Error: Document needs more approvals before final processing.

If you need assistance, contact askUS Support at

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