Time and Absence Improvement Project Update for Spring 2021

The Time and Absence Improvement Project kicked off during Summer 2020 with a series of discovery sessions where representatives from CSUs across campus provided valuable feedback on their experiences using Time and Absence processes in Workday. We used session feedback and input from a follow-up survey to help prioritize improvements included in this project. See below for a list of improvements delivered as part of phase one of the project and a look ahead at phases two and three.

Completed in Phase One

  • Send Back Notifications for Time and Absence business processes delivered as part of the Send Back Notification Project released in Fall 2020.
  • Added worker email address to the report In Progress and Approved Time Events - RPT0791.
  • Added Manager email to the report Unsubmitted Time and Time Off Report - RPT0235
  • Enhanced the report Time off Balances Required to Pay - RPT0371 to add the following columns:
    • Unsubmitted or Unapproved Time and Time Off
    • Position, Supervisory Organization, and Dean/VP
    • Non-exempt Comp balance.
    • Vacation hours eligible to be paid and relabeled the column Time Off Service Date to better explain its purpose.
  • Improved on-screen help text and system warning messages on the Enter Time screen to better assist users with entering time. An updated timesheet lock notice now reduces confusion and concern felt by workers when attempting to enter time during a lock-out period. Weeks that include a holiday, now include an alert with instructions on how to create holiday hours.

Phase One – Coming in February 

  • Improved incomplete time alerts for employees and managers.
  • New Time Off Alerts For:
    • Employees about expiring time (comp and exemplary service)
    • Employees with vacation hours projected to roll-over at Fiscal Year crossover
    • Timekeepers about timesheet completion status for a terminated or transferred worker
    • Absence Partners about Time Off Balances Required to Pay to account for all scenarios when Time Off balances may be paid.

Phase Two – February – April 2021

  • Improved overtime reporting
  • Investigate ability to enter time by week
  • Time and Absence report enhancements

Phase Three – April – May 2021

  • Delegation improvements
  • Inbox filters
  • New Time and Absence Dashboards
  • Improvements to Holiday Time and No Hours to Report

To keep up with future improvements as they are available, follow askUS Release Notes.