Send Back Notifications Now Available in Workday

Workday initiators now receive notifications when certain business processes are sent back to the initiation step for additional action using the Send Back feature. Initiators will receive a Workday notification via the "bell" icon and depending on each individual’s settings in Workday, a notification via email. These enhancements aim to reduce delays and processing time by sending a notification to the initiator when additional action is required to move a business process forward. We are updating business processes to use the new notifications in two phases, with the first group listed below became active on Thursday, November 19, 2020. An additional group of processes will receive the notification enhancement in early December. 

Please note: Send Back notifications are not retroactive and will not be sent for any business process initiated before notifications were activated.

Business Processes that Received Send Back Notifications on 11/19/20:

  • Termination
  • Hire
  • Enter Time
  • Add Job
  • Change Job
  • End Job
  • Request Compensation Change
  • Request Leave of Absence
  • Request Return from Leave of Absence
  • Request Time Off
  • Correct Time Off

Business Processes Receiving Send Back Notifications in December 2020:

  • Create Job Requisitions
  • Edit Job Requisitions
  • Create Evergreen Job Requisitions
  • Edit Evergreen Job Requisitions
  • Create Position

To learn how to update your email notification preferences in Workday, see the Edit Email Notifications & SearchPreferences Workday Instructional Guide (WIG).