Mass Extend Process Now Allows Compensation Changes

April 11, 2024

Beginning with Summer 2024, the Mass End Employment Date Extension Process will allow CSUs to change compensation amounts for workers being extended as part of their process submission. To take advantage of this update, use the column Proposed Monthly Amount (NOT Prorated by FTE) of the submission spreadsheet to change the compensation amount for extended jobs.

The process update allows compensation changes for any job being extended, including the transition of a summer anchor job to paid status in the fall semester. For each job receiving a compensation change, enter the non-prorated amount using the same frequency as the current compensation on the job (hourly, monthly, or annual). Workday will automatically prorate the amount when the mass extension process runs

The submission window for the Summer 2024 mass extension process opens on April 29 and will run through noon on June 5.

For more information, refer to the Mass End Employment Date Extension Process documentation.

If you need assistance, contact askUS Support.


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