How to process Student Workers who change departments

February 1, 2021

Updated: October 20, 2023

How do I process a student worker who is leaving to accept another student job in a different department?

When a student worker has a job that is currently active and takes a different student job, two questions will determine your course of action.

  1. Will the new job be the student's only job? If there is no break in service (the old job ends one day, and then the new job starts the following day), coordinate with the student’s new department to perform a Transfer using the Change Job process. Remember, the receiving department must initiate the transfer. Using the Transfer process is recommended whenever possible as it avoids termination and rehire, which may require the student worker to go through the onboarding and the Form I-9 process again. If a break in service is unavoidable, then you will need to process a Termination, and the student’s new department will need to process a Hire and launch Onboarding.
  2. Will the new job be an additional job? If the student will have two jobs at the same time, even if it is only for a few days, then the move is treated as an Add Job. When there is any overlap between the old and new jobs, the new department should use the Add Job process. A Switch Primary Job process will be needed to make the new job the student’s primary job. The Switch Primary Job can be initiated by either the old or the new department. Finally, the old department will need to do an End Job on their original job.

If neither question describes your situation, refer to the Student Business Process Matrix for guidance.

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