How to help the askUS Support Team research your issue

March 1, 2021

Updated: October 19, 2023

The askUS Support team always strives to provide the best answers to your questions about using UT's HR/Payroll and Financial systems. Sometimes providing the best answer means taking the time to thoroughly research and test solutions before getting back to you with an answer. You can assist the support team in this process by keeping the following information in mind when contacting askUS Support.

  • Along with a description of the issue you've encountered, include information on the process you followed and, more importantly, the desired outcome or goal you are trying to achieve. This can often help the team solve your problem more quickly, as there may be an alternate way to achieve your goal.
  • While we understand that your work does not stop just because you need to reach out to askUS Support for assistance, we would like to remind you not to continue, cancel, or alter processes, transactions, or documents related to an issue being researched. If you make changes without the team's knowledge, it could affect or delay finding the answer to your question or even create new issues. If making changes are unavoidable, please reply to the service ticket email and let the team know the details of your actions so they can take them into account as they research your original question.
  • If you are working with another business office (Ex: HR, APS, Payroll, Purchasing), please include this information in your email to askUS Support so we can coordinate our efforts more efficiently.

Helpful information to include when contacting askUS Support for assistance

Financial Systems

  • Document ID
  • Name of the Electronic Office associated with the issue
  • Desk or View associated with the issue
  • If in DEFINE, please provide your Mainframe login ID

HR/Payroll Systems (Workday)

  • EID
  • Name of business process (and copied URL)
  • Issue summary
  • Screenshots
  • Error Message (if any)
  • Any steps they have already tried or that can be used to recreate the issue.
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