Avoid potential issues by using Change Job to extend positions

July 14, 2021

When preparing for the upcoming semester, remember to use Change Job to complete any necessary extensions for positions ending on or before August 31, for the fall semester, January 15, for the spring semester, and May 31 for summer.

Extending positions expected to continue into the next semester helps workers avoid the adverse effects of a gap in employment, including pay or benefit impacts or disruption in access to university resources. Extending positions early can also help you avoid the hassle of needing to request a rescind later for positions incorrectly included in the Mass Termination Process. For more information, view the Change Job Workday Process Overview (WPO).

If you have ten or more fixed-term workers to extend, take advantage of the Mass End Employment Date Extension Process for student and nonemployee populations.

When transitioning students from one semester to the next, use Change Job for students with only one position or Add Job for students working multiple jobs concurrently. Before processing an Add Job, check to see if transferring the student out of one of their current jobs makes more sense. In these instances, using a transfer can avoid any unnecessary overlap which may require additional steps to resolve later. If you have questions about which process to use, refer to the Student Business Process Matrix to determine the appropriate business process to use for transitioning students.

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