Adding International Remote Locations in Workday

September 14, 2020

New international remote locations are now available in Workday.  International locations are captured via the work location fields in Workday and tracked on the worker’s job or position.

How to add a New International Remote Location in Workday

Individuals with an existing employment record with the University 

  • Use Start Job Change > Change Location business process in Workday to update the worker’s work location
  • If the location is not available in Workday, contact to have a new location added.  Include the following information in your request:
    • Country
    • Department of Worker
    • EID of Worker
    • EID of Requestor

Individuals without an existing employment record with the University

For worker's without an existing employment record, the international work location should be added as part of the Hire business process. NOTE: For jobs that have a competitive recruiting effort, the location information will default in from the Job Requisition. You will need to update the location information after selecting Ready for Hire.