Workday Inbox Reimagined – Introducing My Tasks

August 26, 2022

The Workday Fall Update, occurring on Saturday, September 10, includes Inbox Reimagined, a redesign of the inbox, now called My Tasks within Workday. My Tasks offers new, enhanced features as requested by Workday customers. UT Workday users, who participated in workgroup sessions last spring, provided feedback on enhanced search capabilities which were piloted in Workday over the summer.

To learn more, review the summary of new features below and view the Workday Inbox Reimagined – My Tasks PowerPoint (via UT Box) for annotated screenshots of the new My Tasks interface.

New My Tasks Benefits and Functionality

  • New Taskbar – Use the left-hand taskbar to access the following:  
    • All Items - Displays all tasks in the My Tasks inbox
    • Filters – Displays all filters and options, including:
      • Manage Filters – Select to view all current filters
      • Create Inbox Filter – Select to create a new filter
    • Archive - displays all archived tasks
    • Manage Delegations - select to view:
      • Current Delegations
      • Current Task Delegations
      • Delegation History
      • Delegated Tasks
      • Business Processes allowed for Delegation
      • Manage Delegation – select the button to make changes to the current delegation(s)
  • Search – You can now search within any filter by typing in a business process name (ex: Hire, Onboarding), worker name, date, and more.
  • Advanced Search - Select to search by the following:
    • Task
      • Task Type – Select from a list of all task types in your inbox, including Assign Roles, Hire Interview, Onboarding Setup, Post Job, and more.
      • Task Step – Select from a list of task steps based on the task type selected above. (ex: action, approval, complete questionnaire, to do, etc.)
    • Date – You can enter a date range to further filter your search
      • Date Type - Select from the list (Created Date, Due Date, Effective Date)
      • Start - Enter a start date
      • End - Enter an end date
  • Business Process Task Window – Located on the right side of the screen
  • Submit/Save for Later/Cancel - Action buttons are not fixed at the bottom of the screen.  You no longer need to scroll through the business process to reach the action buttons.

For more information about this year’s Workday Fall Update, visit the What’s New in Workday webpage. 


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