What’s New in Workday?

Workday 33 Update

Twice per year, Workday, Inc issues major updates ensuring UT Austin will always be on the latest version of Workday. Updates are driven by Workday’s customers, with some functionality being automatically available and other functionality being optional. It is important to note that just because a piece of functionality is offered by Workday, does not mean that the university will opt to use it. The Workday 33 update went into effect on Sept.7, 2019. Linked below is a synopsis of major changes that will be noticeable in Workday starting Sept. 7 and includes changes in Accessibility, Human Capital Management (HCM), Recruiting, Compensation, and Time and Absence on Workday Mobile.

Download the What's New in Workday 33 document 


The next major Workday update is expected in March 2020.