Workday Fall Update - Transitioning to the My Time and Absence App

August 29, 2022

On September 10, 2022, the Workday Fall Update will add the My Time and Absence App to the new Your Top Apps section of the Workday homepage for all employees. Adding the app to Your Top Apps will make the My Time and Absence App visible on the Workday homepage without needing to click the “View all apps” link. This update is the first step toward making the app the default method for accessing time entry and for employees to manage their time and absences in Workday.

The My Time and Absence App was initially released in June as an optional dashboard for employees to add to their home pages. Since then, positive feedback regarding the app's ability to streamline time management led to the decision to use the My Time and Absence App as the default app for entering and managing time and absences in Workday.

Features of the My Time and Absence dashboard include:

  • My Timesheet Completion Report – Provides a quick, dashboard-like view of timesheet statuses for the last six weeks
  • My Time Off Balances as of Today – Allows a quick view of Time Off balances.
  • My State Service – Shows an up-to-date count of months of state service.
  • My Support Contacts – Displays the support contacts (Timekeeper, Absence Partner, HR Partner) for an employee’s primary job.

Transitioning to the My Time and Absence app

During a transitional 30-day period, the My Time and Absence App will appear on the Workday homepage along with the existing, separate Time and Absence apps. The transition period will allow employees to adjust to entering their time through the new app. It will also allow Colleges, Schools, and Units (CSUs) time to communicate to their employees about the transition from the current apps to the new all-in-one app for time management. On October 10, the old Time and Absence apps will be removed from the Workday homepage. 

Note: Mobile users will continue to enter time through the stand-alone Enter Time app. The move to the My Time and Absence App only affects desktop and laptop computer users.

My Time and Absence Transition Communications

  • All employees will receive email notifications about the transition to the My Time and Absence App before and after the Workday Fall Update.
  • askUS will communicate directly with Timekeepers, Absence Partners, HR Partners, HR Executives, HR Assistants, and HR Associates before the Workday Fall Update and before the removal of the separate Time and Absence apps to assist them in their roles of supporting employees in their CSUs.

My Time & Absence App Resources

On September 10, the following materials will become available via the Workday Employee Resources help page to assist employees with the transition to the new My Time and Absence App.

If you need assistance, contact

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