What to do when the leave payout report shows an ineligible worker

March 27, 2023

Occasionally a worker accrues Vacation or Sick Time Off that they are not eligible to use or be paid for upon separation. For example, a worker accrues time off in a month when they did not work or loses vacation eligibility before they have met the continuous State of Texas service eligibility requirement.

In these situations, the worker may show up on the report Payable Time Off Balances (Required and Optional) – RPT0371, even though they are ineligible for payout. To remove the worker from the report, their Vacation or Sick hours should be removed upon termination, separation, or loss of leave eligibility status.

Once you have confirmed they are ineligible, process an Absence Request to reduce their balances following the Payout at Termination or Loss of Leave Eligibility - Workday Instructional Guide (WIG). Be sure to choose the appropriate Reduce Balance reason when processing the request. Learn more about paying out leave balances in the askUS Knowledge Base entry, Payment for Terminated Employee's Leave Balances.

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