Common Issues to Avoid when Processing a Payout

November 9, 2020

Updated on January 4, 2022

While several issues might prevent you from processing a Payout at Termination or when a worker loses leave eligibility, these are the most common and the easiest to avoid once you know what they are.

1. Balances as of Date Entered Incorrectly

Always use the actual termination date or the date the worker loses leave eligibility. If you use a different date, you will not be able to pull up the correct balances needed to process the payout.

You can also use the report Payable Time Off Balances (Required and Optional) - RPT0371 to review all the balances for a worker.

2. Incorrect Time Type Chosen

To process a payout, choose only time types that start with x. Payout at Separation or x. Payment. Other absence-related time types are reserved for use by current employees.

3. The Worker is no longer in your organization

In situations where the worker transfers to a new organization before the payout can be processed, the worker’s new Absence Partner will need to process the payout.

4. Timesheets are Pending or Missing

Use the report Timesheet Completion Report for Worker - RPT1016 to review a worker’s timesheet status before processing any payouts. 

For more information about processing payouts in Workday, see the Payouts at Termination or Loss of Leave Eligibility Workday Instructional Guide (WIG).

For more information about time off payments and eligibility policy, see these resources from HR.

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