Using Operational Support Services' DocuSign Forms Saves Time'

June 21, 2021

Using Operational Support Services’ new DocuSign forms saves time in two ways when requesting services, such as rescinds or organizational changes. One time-saving measure is that the new DocuSign forms automatically route to askUS for processing. This eliminates the need to send a separate email to request services. Another time-saving advantage is that the forms are always up to date. In the past, offices that chose to create their own DocuSign envelopes based on downloaded forms would need to make sure their forms were kept up to date by downloading new forms and updating or creating new envelopes on a regular basis. Using the new DocuSign forms in place of self-managed workflows eliminates the need to manage your own forms and ensures there are no delays processing your request due to submitting an outdated form. To get started using DocuSign to request Operational Support Services, follow the Operational Support (OPS) DocuSign Guidance. To see which services are available through DocuSign or for more information visit the Operational Support Services page.