University Headcount Visualization Available in Tableau on February 7

January 28, 2022

On February 7, the University Headcount – D0001 visualization in Tableau will become available. eBITS and IQ developed the new tool for viewing the unduplicated count of people in each supervisory organization at The University of Texas at Austin via the UT Data Hub in partnership with the Data to Insights initiative.

The University Headcount – D0001 visualization stems from efforts by eBITS and IQ to make HR/Payroll data from Workday available to campus in ways that go beyond what a standard Workday report can deliver. To accomplish this goal, the visualization provides a navigable hierarchy, allowing users to see the counts starting at the highest organizational levels along with the ability to drill down through the hierarchy to see headcount at a more granular level. The tools included with the visualization will allow CSUs to evaluate staffing levels more accurately within and across supervisory organizations.

Visualization Features

University Headcount – D0001 features include:

  • Headcount by Supervisory Organization, Headcount by Job Family, and Headcount Detail Tabs 
  • Data representing the number of people with active positions, jobs, or academic appointments in a supervisory organization during a given time period 
  • Unduplicated count of people in a supervisory organization, including those in non-compensated roles suchas academic affiliates, contingent workers, visitors, volunteers, and other nonemployees
  • Ability to drill down through the levels to see more detailed breakdowns of the categories 
  • Ability to filter by time period, organization, job types, and Scheduled Weekly Hours 
  • Ability to toggle time periods between semesters and quarters 
  • Ability to drill through to a detailed report that lists all individual people in an organization 

Visualization Access

Access to the University Headcount – D0001 visualization is automatically granted to people in the following CSU level Workday Security Roles.  

  • Academic HR Executive 
  • Academic HR Partner 
  • HR Analyst 
  • HR Executive 
  • HR Partner 
  • HCM Fiscal Analyst 

The visualization applies row-level security to ensure that users can view only the supervisory organizations that they have the authorization to view in Workday. 

A Note on Connection Security

To ensure the security of University data, connecting to the University Headcount – D0001 report will require connecting via the UT campus network or connecting via the University VPN if working off-campus.

Links and Documentation

Beginning February 7, Authorized users can access the University Headcount – D0001 visualization.


Links to the visualization and documentation are also available on the Workday Reporting page.


If you need assistance, Contact askUS Support.


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