Tips for Troubleshooting Common Costing Allocation Issues

July 19, 2021

Updated on July 25, 2022

When processing costing allocations, there are many details to remember and resources to help prepare and deal with the unexpected. To prepare, refer to the Assign Costing Allocations as a Stand-Alone Process Workday Instructional Guide (WIG), paying close attention to the best practices and troubleshooting sections (pages 3-5). You can also search the askUS Knowledge Base for answers to common questions, including the following common questions about troubleshooting issues involving costing allocations.

  1. How do I change a costing allocation for a completed pay period? If the original cost center/account was entered incorrectly or needs to be updated for a completed pay period, a Cost Center Manager can do a stand-alone Assign Costing Allocation business process to update the segments. It may trigger a cost transfer in *DEFINE once final approved. For more information, refer to Change Costing Allocation for a Completed Pay Period in the askUS Knowledge Base. In addition, refer to Payroll Services Cost Transfer Information section and schedule.
  2. What to do if you receive the Workday error, Costing Allocation Dates not valid for Funding Period Dates. This error means that there are restrictions on one of the cost center accounts used in your costing allocation, usually 26-grant accounts. To check the funding start and end dates for a cost center, complete the steps in the askUS Knowledge Base entry, Costing Allocation Dates Not Valid for Funding Period DatesNOTE: These dates originate within *DEFINE. If corrections are needed, the OSP or AFM accountant must update it within *DEFINE for it to appear correctly in Workday.
  3. I need to update costing allocations for a worker. How do I know what Costing Allocation Level to use? The correct level depends on if the update is for the worker’s base pay, additional compensation, or budgetary funding. To learn more, continue reading, Using the Correct Costing Allocation Level.

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