Tips for Getting Started with MTSS

August 13, 2020

The Mass Transaction Submission System (MTSS) has already helped CSUs across campus perform nearly 1000 Hires and Add Jobs! The new service streamlines performing student Hires and Add Additional Jobs in Workday by allowing HR Partners and HR Executives to upload, gain approval, and submit their student hires directly without needing to submit spreadsheets to eBITS for processing. 

While the best way to get started using MTSS is to read and follow the guidance on the MTSS help page, here are a few tips and things to keep in mind when getting started.

  1. Before You Start – Be sure to work through the items in the Before You Start section prior to attempting to create a batch to upload in MTSS. Following this section can prevent errors and issues from arising later.

NOTE: Be sure to complete all required background checks first. While MTSS does not look for incomplete background checks, some users have reported receiving errors when submitting batches containing students without a required background check due to related issues.

  1. Download the Batch Template – When you log in to MTSS, click the Batch Templates dropdown, choose Download Student Hire/Add Job Batch Template. You can save a blank copy of the template to your computer for use with future batch uploads to MTSS.
  2. Tips for Populating the Hire/Add Job Batch Template
  • Filter on each column to review your data. 
  • Check start and end dates for accurate semesters and years. 
  • Ensure that the overall benefits eligibility is correct given the job profile and scheduled weekly hours.
  • Ensure that the rate for GRAs is for annual salaries, that the TA/AIs is a monthly salary and all other student profiles use hourly rates.
  • Double-check cost centers for accuracy.
  1. Validation Tips
  • Before submitting for approval or to Workday, review the sup org names to verify that you support those supervisory organizations.
  • Review transactions that will not be processed due to validation error(s).
  • The Excel batch spreadsheet rows match the numbers listed in the MTSS Row column.  Since the Excel spreadsheet begins with a header row (row 1), the MTSS Row column begins numbering at 2, not 1.
  • Validate the batch before submitting it for approval in case something changed between submitting for approval.
  1. Common Reasons Why MTSS will NOT process a Hire or Add Additional Job
  • Incorrect Data on Submitted Spreadsheet – Any jobs that do not follow the data input rules will cause an error in processing (See Overview).
  • In Progress Transaction(s) - Any workers who have in-progress Hire, Switch Primary Job, or Termination transactions in Workday. 
  • Rehire with Multiple Jobs in One Batch - If a worker is being rehired and will require an I-9 Section 3 update, only the rehire will successfully process due to Hire business process in progress.  The I-9 Section 3 must be completed before processing the additional jobs.

For more information, refer to the MTSS help page. If you need further assistance, contact