Reminder: CSU Approvals via DocuSign are Required for Mass Processes

November 17, 2022

CSU-initiated mass processes now require the submission of an approval form via DocuSign. We are requiring this additional step to improve our compliance with internal audit findings regarding the approval of mass processing requests.

The submission process for CSU-initiated mass processes now includes the following steps:

  1. Uploading your completed spreadsheet submission to UT Box
  2. Completing an approval form via DocuSign for each spreadsheet submitted for mass processing.
  3. Attaching the exact same spreadsheet submitted via UT Box to the approval form in DocuSign. 

Important Note: The spreadsheet uploaded to UT Box must match the spreadsheet attached to the related DocuSign request. If you need to make changes to the spreadsheet uploaded to UT Box after submitting the DocuSign request, you must initiate a new DocuSign form with the new, updated spreadsheet attached.

The purpose of both uploading to UT Box and attaching the spreadsheet to the DocuSign approval is to link the two together to create an audit trail for the process.

Specific guidance is included with the documentation for each mass process that requires CSU approval. Instructions are also included on the DocuSign form itself.

If you need assistance, contact

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