Mass Process Approvals via DocuSign for Fall 2022

July 25, 2022

For Fall 2022, the user-initiated mass process services offered to campus will require the submission of a separate College, School, Unit (CSU) approval form via DocuSign along with each submitted processing request. We are making this change to enhance compliance with audit findings regarding the approval of mass processing requests.

The first mass processes to require the DocuSign approval step are the Mass End Employment Date Extension Process (August 1-September 7) and the Performance Appraisal Mass Transaction Process (July 18-August 12). Other user-initiated mass processes will receive the approval requirement over the next year.

For affected mass processes, the submission process will involve uploading a submission spreadsheet to UTBox and submitting an approval form via DocuSign for each processing request. The DocuSign process includes attaching the submission spreadsheet to the DocuSign form separately. The purpose of both uploading to UT Box and attaching the spreadsheet to the DocuSign approval is to link the approval to the processing request to create a reliable audit trail.

DocuSign converts the attached spreadsheet files to PDF, preserving them in their submitted state. Unfortunately, this conversion also makes it impossible to use the same files for processing, which is why submissions must be attached and uploaded. We piloted including CSU approvals with the summer 2022 mass extension process using manually managed PDF files and found that moving to DocuSign would make for a more streamlined process.

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