Contingent Worker Changes Aim to Reduce Staffing Delays

April 24, 2023

On April 27, a change to Workday will limit the use of the worker type Contingent Worker to the A003 - Independent Contractor and A004 - Employee of Contractor job profiles. With this change, Colleges, Schools, and Units (CSUs) will need to hire all other nonemployees using the Hire business process with an employee type of Nonemployee. This change only applies to new nonemployees. CSUs will not be required to convert current Contingent Workers to employees.

The change to limit the use of Contingent Workers to two job profiles comes in response to limitations experienced by CSUs, which include:

  • Workers transitioning between worker types (Employee vs. Contingent Worker) – In this situation, the CSU must perform the steps to convert the Contingent Worker to an employee.
  • Contingent Workers needing to hold multiple jobs – in this case, the CSU wishing to add a new job for an existing Contingent Worker must coordinate with the worker’s current CSU to convert them to an employee before proceeding.

These additional steps required in either situation increase the administrative burden on CSUs and cause delays in starting an additional job or other staffing actions.

Transitioning most Contingent Workers to the Employee worker type will reduce these burdens and delays. In keeping with the desire to reduce administrative burden, CSUs do not need to convert any of their current Contingent Workers. Over time this population will decline as their current jobs end.

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What is changing?

After April 28, 2023, CSUs will need to hire new nonemployees using the Worker Type of Employee except for the job profiles: A003 - Independent Contractor and A004 - Employee of Contractor.

What is the benefit of this change?

Those processing staffing changes for CSUs will no longer need to convert contingent workers to employees to perform certain transactions in Workday. This change will reduce delays and administrative burdens.

Why are A003 - Independent Contractor and A004 - Employee of Contractor exceptions?

These two nonemployee job profiles are least likely to require conversion in the future.

Do I need to convert my existing contingent workers?

No. You may need to convert them if they change worker type or need to hold an additional job. 

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