Common Issues that Require HRSC or Payroll Services to Resolve

January 4, 2021

While askUS Support is always ready to assist with all your HR/Payroll and Financial systems questions, there are some issues that must be handled by the specialists in the Human Resource Service Center (HRSC) or Payroll Services office. In these cases, you can save yourself time by contacting HRSC or Payroll services directly for assistance.

Contact HRSC for assistance with the following:

  • Removing duplicate pre-hires that are preventing a candidate from reaching Ready to Hire status.
  • I-9 e-Verify results in cases where the I-9 task has not auto-completed within a few days.
  • Policy questions about benefits or an individual’s benefits. 
  • Policy questions about state service.
  • Policy questions about time and absence.
  • Copy of Form 1095-C if a worker is unable to access it in Workday. 

Contact Payroll Services for assistance with the following:

  • Corrections to or questions about individual paychecks.
  • Questions about specific pay actuals.
  • Questions about cost transfers (contact Payroll Financials team)
  • Copies of Form W-2 if a worker is unable to access it in Workday.
  • Changes to a worker’s legal name post-onboarding.

Contact Information

Human Resource Service Center (HRSC)

Main Phone Number: 512-471-HRSC (4772) or toll-free 1-800-687-4178

Main Fax Number: 512-232-3524

Main E-mail Address:

Payroll Services

Main Phone Number: 512-471-5271  

Main Fax Number: 512-471-1299

Main E-mail Address:


If you are ever uncertain which office to contact for assistance, contact askUS Support at! We are happy to help or direct you to the right resource. 

You can also find answers to many questions in the askUS Knowledge Base. Need help searching? Check out these handy askUS Search Tips!

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