Coming Soon: Recruiting Questionnaire Changes

July 25, 2022

Look for changes coming in mid-August to recruiting questionnaires in Workday. The changes will address reports from campus of questionnaires disappearing from job requestions in certain situations. The update involves adding a new subprocess to the job requisition creation process.

Once the change goes into effect, the job requisition creation and submission process will trigger the Supplementary Questionnaires for Job Requisition subprocess to allow initiators to attach an existing questionnaire or create a new one. HR Strategic Workforce Solutions (SWS) and Academic Personnel Services (APS) will be able to review new questionnaires created during the job requisition process. Those not using questionnaires will still receive the subprocess but can choose to skip it when it does not apply to the job requisition you are creating without affecting routing.

When the new subprocess goes live, look for an updated Create Job Requisition and Post Job Workday Instructional Guide (WIG) on the Recruiting documentation page detailing the new subprocess step. We will also release a new WIG to assist initiators with creating and editing recruiting questionnaires.

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