Close Evergreen and Job Requisitions Without Contacting SWS

February 15, 2023

A recent update to Workday now allows HR Executives, HR Partners, Academic HR Executives, and Academic HR Partners to close Evergreen and Job Requisitions. This update means that holders of these roles no longer need to contact HR Strategic Workforce Solutions (SWS) to perform this action. 

For details on the new process, refer to the new Close Job/Evergreen - Workday Instructional Guide (WIG). 

Important Reminder – Closing vs. Unposting

  • Close – Stops use of the job requisition or candidate pool and will prevent a hire from occurring.
  • Unpost – Removes the job posting from the internal/external job site so that applicants can no longer apply

Be sure that you wish to close an Evergreen or Job Requisition before taking action. Unlike unposting, closing is irreversible. For more information about the possible statuses of Job Requestions and how they affect your recruiting efforts, continue reading Terminology Talk - Job Requisitions.

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