Workday Offer Letter Management with DocuSign

April 21, 2022

Beginning April 21, Recruiters and Recruiting Coordinators will be able to create, manage, and send offer letters to candidates from within Workday with a built-in connection to DocuSign, allowing you also to collect signatures without printing and scanning. Using this new feature is optional but requires participation by managers to eSign the offers within Workday. Unfortunately, managers cannot delegate eSigning offer letters. Please consult with your Dean/VP office for CSU-specific instructions and guidelines. See below for details and links to updated training materials.

Offer letter and DocuSign details

  • Optional feature enabled when you select ‘Yes’ to the Generate Offer Letter question
  • Requires electronic signatures for the Manager and Candidate via DocuSign 
  • Recruiter AND Recruiting Coordinator roles have authority to create/edit the offer letters.
  • Mail merge feature creates HR-approved offer letter content based on job attributes (Full Time vs. Part Time, benefits eligibility, fixed term, A&P, etc.)
  • Allows Recruiters and Recruiting Coordinators to add content as needed to meet specific CSU need
  • Only candidates who apply and are selected via an open Job Requisition can have their offer letter managed using this feature.

Changes to Offer Stage steps for all users

  • Current: Offer > Add EID > Propose Compensation > Offer Letter > BCA 
  • Future: Offer > Propose Compensation > Generate Offer Letter > Add EID > BCA

Updated Training Materials

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